As one of only four CW series to be renewed by the network’s new owners, Nexstar, Walker is in the coveted position of being able to play out its Season 3 cliffhangers. And thank goodness for that, because the May finale left viewers with several dangling storylines, including a MIA body, a serial killer and more than one potential romance.

With those mysteries in mind, TVLine is looking ahead at Season 4 and crafting a wish list for the future episodes (whenever they might premiere, following the current WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes). We definitely have some thoughts on how Cordell and Geri’s relationship should progress following the kiss they shared at the end of Season 3, and we’re wondering if another coupling might be on the horizon, as well.

We’ve also got some suggestions when it comes to who should be cast as the show’s new Big Bad. (Hint: It’s someone star/executive producer Jared Padalecki has worked with before.) Plus, we’ve come up with a pitch for how Walker can give closure to its cancelled prequel spinoff Walker Independence.

Meanwhile, when it comes to two specific characters, we’re hoping for a lot less drama next season.

A real Cordell/Geri romance
We completely understand that Odette Annable’s maternity leave necessitated that Geri disappear for a while, putting much distance between her and Cordell. But following the character’s return toward the end of Season 3, it’s time to get serious about exploring a Geri and Cordell relationship after a couple of thwarted half-attempts. The Texas Ranger certainly seemed to be on the same page as us in the Season 3 finale, asking Geri to stay with him for the summer. Here’s hoping the threat of a serial killer doesn’t once again throw a wrench into the romance.

A formidable foe… played by a Supernatural alum?
Bringing in Supernatural vet Jake Abel as ally-turned-enemy Kevin certainly served the CW series well in Season 3. (We were rooting for him and Cassie, so our hearts were a little broken when he turned out to be a bad guy.) With the upcoming season poised to introduce the Jackal, a serial killer cold case that long ago consumed Cordell and Captain James, we’d like to encourage the show tap into Jared Padalecki’s past again and cast someone from the Supernatural family. We’re thinking Jim Beaver or Misha Collins, now that Gotham Knights is no more, but the dream scenario would obviously be Jensen Ackles.

Walker Independence closure
Although the prequel spinoff was cancelled in May, it could still live on on the mothership series. Already, Matt Barr has pulled double duty, reprising his Walker role as Hoyt, aka the descendent of Independence‘s Hoyt, via a Season 3 flashback. And Independence star Justin Johnson Cortez showed up as a detective on Walker, with the potential to recur in Season 4. But what we’d really like to see is a full-on flashback episode featuring the Independence characters that wraps up the offshoot’s unfinished storylines (and answers all our lineage questions).

Clarity about Trey and Cassie
Walker showrunner Anna Fricke once told TVLine of Trey and Cassie’s dynamic that Trey’s portrayer, Jeff Pierre, “has chemistry with a broom. He’s just so charming and warm that it may very well read as something non-platonic. It’s not our intention.” But that interview took place before the pair grew even closer in Season 3 and before an offer from the FBI that would take Cassie away for the summer hinted at possible romantic feelings between the friends. Trey even told her that Austin has become home to him because of her. That’s not platonic!

Speaking of Trey’s love interests…

A Micki update
We’d more than welcome an in-person visit from Lindsey Morgan’s Micki Ramirez, but we’ll also accept a mention of what she’s been up to since moving back to San Antonio. Surely, she’s still in touch with her former partner, Cordell, if not her ex Trey?

DO NOT WANT: More kid drama
Season 3 tested our patience a bit with Auggie’s rebellious phase — letting his sister take the blame for the party at the Side Step and name-calling his grandma? Oh, Hell no! — so we’re sincerely hoping that his declaration that he wants to join the military means Auggie’s days of being bratty are over. Unfortunately, Auggie’s behavior last season also took down his sister Stella, who had a falling out with her dad. Now, she’s entangled in a possible murder/disappeared body mystery, which doesn’t bode well for our wish for less teenage melodrama.


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