Supernatural has plenty of amazing characters. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these characters have become now larger than life. While it’s always the story of a show that matters more than its characters, but with Supernatural, it was its characters which kept the show going despite the mediocre storyline at times. Jensen, Jared, and Misha have always been the centerpiece of the show and they managed to captivate the attention of the fans despite the poorly crafted plot. When it comes to popularity, one cannot deny that Dean Winchester is arguably the most famous and well-written character in the Supernatural. Although both Sam and Dean are the protagonists or lead heroes of the story, over time, fans feel it was Dean who took the wheel and ran with it. Nonetheless, Dean is incomplete without Sam and vice-versa.

So Take A Look At 5 Words That Only True Dean Winchester Fans Will Understand


For normal people, the word Sammy doesn’t have a deep meaning. But for the Supernatural fans, the word carries a wide range of emotions. Dean has used ‘Sammy’ as a nickname for his brother Sam throughout the Supernatural. At times, he used it to tease his little brother, and other times to express some deep emotion of feelings. Even for Sam, the nickname carries a greater meaning which is pretty evident when the hunter Gordon Walker addresses him as ‘Sammy’ to which he objects and makes it clear that only Dean gets to call him Sammy. Did you know Dean has used the name ‘Sammy’ for 45 times in Season 2 which is the maximum out of all seasons and the lowest count of Sammy comes in Season 7 with only 12 Sammy utterances.


We spoke about the characters of Supernatural in the beginning. It would be a crime to not talk about the Impala AKA Baby. Dean uses the word ‘Baby’ to lovingly address his eternal love for the 1967 Chevrolet Impala which over the course of the show has become a crucial and integral part of the Winchesters’ life. They have modified it such that its trunk can contain a wide variety of tools and weapons which comes in handy in their hunting ventures. There’s even an episode titled ‘Baby’ which aired in Season 11 and takes place entirely from the perspective of the Impala. We see the events taking place from the car’s point of the view. In the closing moments of the episode, Sam Winchester states that Impala is their home.

3. SON OF A B——

That’s one quote that has become synonymous with the character of Dean Winchester. This phrase has been used by Dean Winchester throughout the show to express his emotions in various situations. In the Season 3 Episode ‘Bad Day At Black Rock’, Sam and Dean are ready to dispose of the rabbit foot, but Bela arrives at the last minute and takes away the winnings of Dean Winchester. Did you know that Dean ad-libbed the quote ‘Son of a B—‘ in that scene. If you look closely, you can see Jared Padalecki breaking his character and laughing. The shot has been kept in the scene.

2. PIE

If there’s one thing apart from ‘Baby’ and ‘Sammy’ that Dean can’t live without then it’s his favorite PIE! Dean has constantly expressed his desire to get a pie, but rarely does he manage to get his hands on a pie. In Season 5, we learned that his love and desire for pie stems from his childhood memory of when Mary made pie for him. He has associated the love and warmth of Mary with Pie. Eventually, in Season 12, a resurrected Mary Winchester can be seen serving pie to Dean. One could also interpret the term ‘Pie’ to have a normal life, away from all the hunting and Supernatural drama. As in the pilot episode, we see Dean accusing Sam who escaped them and went on to live his ‘Apple-Pie Life’.

1. B I T C H / J E R K

One phrase that could sum up the relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester. Do not go around looking for the literal meanings of these words in the dictionary. Although non-supernatural fans will interpret it as some sort of insult, it is actually an expression of their love and fondness for each other. This exchange can be traced back to the pilot episode when Dean tells Sam to not have any chick-flick moments which use the word ‘Jerk’ on Dean. Interestingly, in the earlier draft of the Pilot script, the word ‘Prick’ was used in place of the word ‘Jerk’, but it was eventually changed. These two words have now become closely linked to the characters. In Season 2 episode where Djinn has created an alternate reality in which their mother never met the tragic fate at the hands of Azazel. So when Dean tries doing the phrase exchange with Sam, he is left clueless which helps him in realizing that it isn’t real.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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