Wednesday Season 2 is still in pre-production, but the cast still had news to share as part of the Netflix global fan-event Tudum on Saturday, June 17. Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday and Hunter Doohan made a video going over fan theories for Season 2. They confirmed that a new member of the Addams family will be featured in the new season. The cast didn’t know who exactly, but Jenna is pulling hard for Cousin It, and the rest of the cast wants Grandma Addams.

While the cast didn’t weigh in on the validity of the other theories, they are still worth mentioning. The first theory is about Crackstone’s ring. We see it fall to the ground after the villain is defeated at the end of Season 1, but did someone pick it up and do they have Crackstone’s power now? We’re in favor of Thing grabbing the ring to keep it safe, but there are major problems ahead of Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) was the one to grab it.

The second theory posits that Wednesday (Ortega) maybe be The Hyde’s (Doohan) new master since she defeated his original one. Tyler evolved into The Hyde at the end of Season 1 just as Wednesday drove by the armored car where he was being held. Doohan for one says he’s ready to bow down to Wednesday and Ortega is very much in favor of her character getting a monster for a pet.

The final theory might be the best one. It hypothesizes that Weems (Gwendoline Christie) didn’t actually die at the end of Season 1. Instead, she used her shapeshifting ability to turn into Lurch. The evidence is that the Lurch driving Wednesday home at the end of the season has one blue eye. This one would be very exciting for all of the Weems-is-alive truthers out there.

What’s your favorite Wednesday Season 2 theory?


By Damyan Ivanov

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