“Lucifer” was a sometimes-romance, sometimes-cop-drama, sometimes-supernatural-thriller, sometimes-comedy that first aired on the Fox network in 2016. It almost got canceled prematurely, but fans refused to take the news lying down. And thanks to a social media movement, it was later adopted by Netflix for Seasons 4, 5, and 6. It’s a show that has a little something for everybody and is beloved by fans to this day.

Although the show ran its course and ended after Season 6, there’s still plenty of behind-the-scenes content and stories from the cast that fans can’t get enough of. Indeed, take a look at the cast members’ social media accounts for some fun tidbits here and there. But did you know that some outright bizarre, hard-to-find things happened behind the scenes on set? Well, if you didn’t know, you’re about to. Keep reading to find out more about what happened off the set of this diabolical series.

Tom Ellis is so talented, he almost never needed a body double

Let’s Eat Cake published a long list of “Lucifer” fun facts that most fans may not know about. For example: Did you know that Tom Ellis almost never required a body double? And this includes — brace yourself — for nude scenes. Ellis’ admirers are well aware of his physical prowess and athletic ability. So if you were drooling over Lucifer’s sexy accent and manly physique (like so many of us were), you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that every single inch of skin he showed onset was 100% authentically him.

But that’s not the only way Ellis was talented enough to forgo a body double — he is also a fantastic singer. Impressively, every note he sang in front of the camera was his own dulcet voice. So we guess that would be considered a vocal double? Regardless of the terminology, he didn’t need one!

There was a prankster on set — but it’s probably not who you think

Every group of good friends or close co-workers will eventually resort to having fun playing pranks on each other; it’s an inevitability that cannot be denied. Obviously, the set of “Lucifer” was no exception. So who was it? Tom Ellis might seem like an obvious choice, but it’s also the wrong one. And many of the other actors on the show exhibit the jovial characteristics of your typical prankster, so it’s hard to make a guess. But if you put your money on Lauren German, then bingo! You win 100 internet brownie points.

German, who plays Chloe — Lucifer’s on-again, off-again love interest on the show — was well known for pulling pranks on set. Out of all of them, the craziest one was when she snuck a bunch of life-sized cardboard cutouts into Ellis’ dressing room for his birthday. But these weren’t just any cardboard cutouts — they were cutouts of a guest star with whom Ellis is rumored to have clashed with on the set. We can only imagine his frustrated surprise at this bizarre — but admittedly funny — epic prank.

Were the actors on Lucifer members of a bizarre biker gang?

The actors on “Lucifer” were part of a bike gang, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. Bicycles are commonly found in production locations because it’s hard to get around if you’re filming on a large studio set. Also, actors sometimes need to burn off a little energy or get some exercise in between takes. Regardless of the reason, many of the members of the “Lucifer” cast rode around the studio together on bicycles for fun.

Young Hollywood covered the story in a YouTube video that is still accessible on their channel. Sadly, D.B. Woodside — who plays Amenadiel on the show — was not in on the shenanigans. But we’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and her leather wardrobe would have been perfect for a real Motor Club. If you look closely at some of the actors’ social media accounts (especially German’s), you can actually find photos and footage of these human-powered two-wheelers and the epic “bike war” that went on between the cast members.

The actors received free food from a bizarre local restaurant

Celebrities receive free swag all the time, whether it’s from fancy award shows or companies hoping to use their influence to get the word out about their products. But in a bizarre twist of fate, the cast of “Lucifer” once received free pizza from a local pizzeria with a very interesting name. According to Movie Addicts on YouTube, it’s called Lucifer’s Pizza, and it’s located within delivery distance of the Warner Brothers lot where the show was being filmed at the time.

Like most things these days, this incident did not go undocumented. You can see Ellis in the YouTube clip proudly brandishing a pizza box with the Lucifer’s Pizza logo on it. When he opens it up, you can see that the pizzeria has lovingly shaped the crust into a heart. This type of pizza eventually got a special name: “The Hearterita,” a play on both the shape of the crust and the Margherita pizza recipe.

Kevin Alejandro has some serious ink — which was never seen on TV

Kevin Alejandro, who played Detective Dan Espinoza on the show, is a good ol’ Texas boy who loves his tattoos. We’re not kidding – he has several very obvious and very well-inked designs all over his body. As a matter of fact, he added an extra one — an intricate set of angel wings on his forearm — while filming the show. But he wasn’t alone. According to Metro, he got matching tattoos with co-stars Lesley-Ann Brandt and Rachel Harris. They each got different designs, but the fact that they did it all together in solidarity shows you just how close these cast members became during the course of the show.

But you’d only really know about the tattoos if you’re a super fan hungry for behind-the-scenes footage and/or combing the actors’ social media profiles. If you were a casual fan up until now, this is probably a revelation. Blame the showrunners for that — they were adamantly opposed to showing any tattoos on screen, which is a little bizarre considering it’s a supernatural show about Satan himself and his demon cohorts. We almost feel bad for the makeup artists who had to pull out all the stops in order to make sure his tattoos were thoroughly and convincingly covered. That is not an easy feat to accomplish!


Source: digitalspy.com

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