V Wars finds its roots from a comic book series published in the year 2012. Jonathan Maberry, as well as Alan Robinson, wrote the comic book series.

The show follows the story of Dr.Luther Swann, and a mysterious disease infects his best friend. The friend turns into a murderer, and not a normal one, he feeds on people.

About First Season:
The first season of the show released on 5th December 2019 and because of recalling the vampire genre back into TV shows, it was also accepted well. The show has created a fan base for itself.

The Cast Of V Wars:
The show has Ian Somerhalder, Adrian Holmes, Peter Outerbridge, Jacky Lai, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf and some other names in the cast.

The performances of all the actors were appreciated in the first season, and if there is a second season, there will be many of them we will see again.

Is It Cancelled Or Renewed?
There is no confirm news about the cancellation or Renewal of the show. Looking at the response, the chances of its removal are meager.

There might be a second season, and we don’t know when but most probably at the same time next year. The story will continue. Netflix will not want to end this one just after the first season.

The vampire genre is trendy among teenagers. Teenagers account for a significant share of audience Netflix. With shows like these, they can increase their audience.

Fans hope that there is a season 2 due to which the first season left them craving for more. There is a lot of scope for the story to continue. The show is based on the comic book series, and they can continue with the same story as well.

Why Fans Fear Cancellation:
Fans of certain TV shows fear a reversal of the next seasons. Netflix has cancelled many shows in the past year, and those shows did not properly flop.

Some of the shows that went through cancellation had a great fan base. The fans were upset with Netflix for that.


People wish that Netflix doesn’t cancel TV shows so bluntly, people find their connection with the show. They do feel bad when their favourite show cancels due to some reason.


Source: trendingnewsbuzz.com

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