THE BIG BANG THEORY might have finished earlier this year but the plot holes and viewer theories haven’t stopped flooding in. This time fans are complaining about continuity issues when it comes to the death of Sheldon Cooper’s father – when did he actually die?

Season 12 is available to stream on Netflix after the show concluded earlier this year, but this doesn’t mean viewers have forgotten about it. In fact, they have been digging deeper and exposing the smallest of details. As viewers know Sheldon Cooper’s (played by Jim Parson) father died when he was a teenager but it seems the writers have forgotten how old the boy was when he lost his father and fans aren’t ready to let the mistake go.

The P.H.D theoretical physicist, Sheldon was never a subtle character and has been in every season since its birth in 2007.

Viewers will know despite being a genius at science, he also has a family he knows aren’t nearly as clever as him.

Not only does he have a deeply catholic mother played by Zoe Perry, he spent nearly 12 seasons wishing his roommate Leonard’s (Johnny Galeki) mother Beverly (Christine Baranski), was his own, due to her inquisitive, psychoanalytic mind.

But the eagle-eyed viewers will know Sheldon doesn’t have a dad despite being regularly spoken about.

It was made clear Sheldon’s dad died when he was a teenager. He was described as a heavy drinking Texan, who didn’t understand his son at all.

When did he die though? One viewer has taken to Reddit to discuss his issues when it comes to the continuity of the storyline.

He explained: “In season 1 episode 11 where Sheldon is sick he says that he was fifteen in Germany and no one was there to take care of him because his Mom had to fly back to Texas to help his dad because “the house had slipped off of the cinder blocks again”.

“But as we know from other epidodes further on in the show his dad died when Sheldon was only fourteen.”

It seems this isn’t the only person who has noticed as another viewer replied: “Yep. This is maybe the most popular continuity error and has been spotted many years ago.”

If viewers were to take a deep dive into Reddits back catalogue of posts, another thread appears regarding the inconsistencies in this same subject matter.

One viewer explained: “Sheldon pretty much always tells that his father died when he was 14.

“But if you note episode 11 of season 1, you’ll see that when Penny brings Sheldon home from the cheesecake factory, he tells her that he was 15 when he was visiting the Heidelberg Institute in Germany as a visiting professor and he got sick and had to be alone for the first time whilst being sick.

“He then tells Penny that his mom had to fly back home to help his dad fix their house which had slipped off the cinderblocks again.

“Surely this isn’t a fresh observation. If so, what others are there?”

There are many theories floating around as to what George Cooper was really like, with some insinuating he was an alcoholic love-rat.

However, there are other storylines which make him out to be a harmless man who met an untimely end.

One viewers explained: “Anything that happens in Season One of pretty much any series has to be viewed as “flexible” as things probably haven’t been fully fleshed out. Don’t let it bug ya!”

Fans can be pretty sure Sheldon lost his dad around the age of 14, and it shows when he tries to connect with Howard’s (Simon Helberg) wife’s (Melissa Raunch) father played by Casey Sander, but can viewers forgive the continuity issue?

This isn’t the only plot hole viewers have unearthed, they range from the weird to the wonderful, one in particular turns Howard Wolowitz into a Norman Bates figure.

It seems some viewers don’t believe that Howard’s mother was actually ever real because no one ever saw her.

One fan has suggested she is a figment of Howard’s imagination.

Despite concluding earlier this year, it seems this will never stop the theories.


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