Lucifer has had some pretty out-there storylines over the years, which fans have both loved and hated. But what do you make of this one that never made it to screens?

According to Joe Henderson, the co-showrunner for the hit Netflix series, back in season two Lucifer Morningstar was going to run for political office in a storyline that would have seen him leave the world of crime-fighting for the cut-throat world of politics.

Speaking to CBR, he said: “One of our stories was going to be around Lucifer running for a local office in LA.

“This was early on in the Trump of it all, and Warner Brothers said, ‘Hey, you know, the tensions are starting to get a bit much politically, but also, everything that’s happening in politics right now is so crazy. I don’t know if you’ll be able to beat it by the time this airs.’

“And we’re like, ‘Oh, come on, how crazy can it get?'”

While we think Lucifer would have made a fine politician, in the end, scrapping the storyline turned out to be for the best according to the showrunner since what they had planned “paled in comparison to reality”.

“It was never about trying to stay out of politics with the show, it was more like whatever Lucifer does will feel like nothing in comparison to reality. The absurd just became normal,” he explained, adding: “But, it’s a story that will always exist in our writers’ brains.”

Season five A of Lucifer landed on Netflix last June, and while filming for the second half of season five wrapped in October, the writers behind the show recently shared some disappointing news. Posting on Twitter, the team wrote: “We know everyone wants to know, but truth is even WE don’t know when #LuciferSeason5B will come out. It’s not finished yet.

“The pandemic blew up our plans. But when we have an official release date, trust us, we’re dying to let you know! Same with a trailer. #patience #Lucifer.”

Despite the hold up on season five’s release, fans need not worry as filming season six appears to be well underway. Tom Ellis recently teased fans with a behind-the-scenes workout snap that he captioned alongside a bicep and devil emoji.