Men in Kilts has come to an end for another season. The four-episode season was fun, but way too short. Will there be another road trip to follow?

We’ve been on another fun road trip with Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish. This year, we went around New Zealand, and the only complaint is just how short the season was. It was originally set to be six episodes but was reduced to just four.

Now we want another road trip. The question is whether that will happen. Could we see Men in Kilts Season 3 at STARZ?

Will Men in Kilts Season 3 happen?
It’s hard to say at this point whether the season will happen or not. We could imagine STARZ wanting to keep the show going if it has a following, but there is a lot in limbo right now.

The big issue is the SAG-AFTRA strike. Now that strike shouldn’t directly affect Men in Kilts. The lads would have likely been under a different contract due to it being a docuseries instead of a scripted drama. However, both Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are part of SAG. They may not want to discuss anything that could be viewed as them not standing in solidarity with other actors.

We’ve seen the two work on other businesses in their lives. Whether it’s their lines of spirits or their Clanlands book, they are still in the public eye. They may want to hold off talking about Men in Kilts Season 3 (officially, at least) until after the SAG strike comes to an end. The two will likely want to talk about potential road trips they could cover privately.

We would love to see a road trip around another country. There are a lot of options. The lads could head to North Carolina, New York, or somewhere else in the United States that has a connection to Scotland or Outlander. They could head to Jamaica as there is a connection to Outlander there. Or they could decide to go somewhere completely different that has some sort of Scottish roots.


By Damyan Ivanov

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