There isn’t much available about the Outlander prequel series potentially coming to STARZ. What we do know is Sam Heughan won’t be in it.

While we still wait for news about Outlander Season 8, we learned that Matt B. Roberts and others are in talks with STARZ for a spin-off series. This is likely to be a prequel series, although nothing about it has been confirmed just yet.

By saying prequel, it would suggest that it is about Jamie’s parents. We know Diana Gabaldon is working on a prequel novel but that she’s focused on Book 10 for the most part right now. Would that mean the show’s writers are going to tell us Brian and Ellen’s story before Gabaldon has a chance to tell us her story?

Sam Heughan is not in the Outlander prequel
It’s hard to say right now. What we do know is that Sam Heughan is not going to be in this prequel series. He told Esquire that the series is set to be about Jamie’s parents, and that means either before Jamie was born or with a young Jamie. Heughan is a little too old to play the character. At least, he thinks so!

He did say that he could play Jamie’s dad, Brian Fraser. I’m sure there will be some fans out there who would love to see it happen. It’s not like the show hasn’t had fun with this with Graham McTavish returning as Dougal’s son, Buck. However, we’ve already seen Brian on the series, and Heughan would need to wear a black wig to look like his father.

Another option would be to include a flash-forward. That’s not really necessary when we have the main series, though.

Maybe a Lord John Grey spin-off could happen and then we would get to see Jamie return in some sort of capacity.


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