The first part of You Season 4 finally hit Netflix this month, bringing Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) across the pond to England. Joe, now living as a university professor named Jonathan Moore, is set on changing his ways. No more stalking women or killing. While Joes tries his best, he falls into a group of rich and privileged people who begin to get murdered shortly after his arrival — and he’s being framed for their deaths. So, begrudgingly, Joe sets out to discover the identity of the “Eat the Rich killer,” who has his own fixation on Joe and his past.

As Part 1 ends, Joe and viewers learn that the killer is Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers), who at first seemed like quite the kindred spirit with Joe. The reveal came in Episode 5, with Joe convinced that the killer was ultimately Roald (Ben Wiggins). Both soon learn that Rhys was the culprit all along. While we wait for what’s sure to be a wild Part 2, Badgley shared some his own thoughts on the Rhys twist in a new reaction video.

The video begins just as Roald sentences “Jonathan” to death. Badgley tosses in a few brief comments as the scene plays out. He notes that Roald is “letting [Joe] off so easy,” adding that this could be Roald’s chance to “end it for everybody.” Of course, we know that Roald will do no such thing. Joe then tries to plead with Adam (Lukas Gage), who doesn’t want to hear it, causing Joe to punch him. Right after, Badgley reveals that the punch was awkward for him because he’s left-handed, and he punched with his right hand. Interestingly enough, Joe uses his left-hand multiple times throughout the show. The scene continues with Joe running. Badgley notes that the shoes he was wearing at the time were quite slippery, which added an extra challenge.

The scene follows Joe outside with Roald — who’s taking his sweet time — in pursuit. Badgley points it out, likening Roald to the Terminator while Joe is running at full-speed. When Roald makes a remark about Joe’s “peasant stench,” Badgley notes that he wore “$700 boots the entire season,” comparing the idea that Joe is poor to Dan Humphrey — Badgley’s Gossip Girl character — living in a $3 million loft. Finally, Joe takes out Roald, and Rhys arrives. Badgley shares that it was “surprisingly hard to say just one thing,” ending the video with him saying “Rhys” a few different ways.

What to Expect in You Season 4 Part 2
The second half of this season will see Rhys trying to befriend Joe and push him to embrace the killer Joe constantly denies he is. He must also navigate his now even more complicated relationship with Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), and will confront Love (Victoria Pedretti) once again. Meanwhile, things will continue to escalate for other characters, including Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), one of Jonathan’s students.

You Season 4 Part 1 is streaming now on Netflix. Part 2 releases on March 9. Watch Badgley’s reaction below:


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