Could a Cardi B cameo on You come to fruition? Penn Badgley, who plays murderous bookworm Joe Goldberg on the Netflix thriller, says he’d be down.

“Would I want her to be in You? Yeah, if it worked,” Badgley tells Rolling Stone in a new interview. “I wanted her to be in Season 4. But it has to work. You know? How could she be anybody but Cardi B?”

And when his Rolling Stone interviewer suggests that Cardi B could be the one who kills Joe, Badgley says, “I don’t disagree.”

Unfortunately, Cardi B isn’t seen in Season 4, but she is heard: Her song “I Like It” plays as Joe disposes of a body, Rolling Stone notes.

When Netflix dropped the first part of the season on February 9, Cardi B changed her Twitter profile image to a photo of Joe, as she did after Season 3 started streaming in October 2021. At the time, Badgley reciprocated the love by changing his Twitter profile pic to a photo of her.

That same year, Cardi discovered a clip of Badgley saying that he’s a fan of hers. “OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME!!!” she wrote on Twitter in response. “OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I’m famous famous.”

And around the same time, the Grammy winner posted a screenshot showing how Netflix’s Twitter account was petitioning for a Cardi B appearance in You. Season 4. As she shared the screenshot with her Twitter followers, Cardi B proposed a storyline for her character: “So it’s episode 1, and I’m at Paris Fashion week shutting it down! I turn around and there stands YOU. OK, finish it off @netflix.”

Badgley, by the way, made headlines last week when he revealed on his Podcrushed podcast that he asked You co-creator Sera Gamble for fewer sex scenes in Season 4. “Fidelity in every relationship, including my marriage, is important to me,” he explained.

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By Ivaylo Angelov

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