In the television landscape, few protagonists can hold a candle to Outlander’s Jamie Fraser. The Fraser’s Ridge proprietor has been through it all, from being subjected to public flogging to losing battles. No matter the challenge, he holds his head high and proves himself as one of the most romantic characters while at it.

Apart from being a great partner, warrior, and leader, Jamie Fraser is a brilliant conversationalist. The Highlander has a habit of saying the sweetest words to his lover Claire and giving valuable insight into various issues. Naturally, some of Jamie’s remarks stand out as some of Outlander’s best overall quotes.

“Christ Was Born In A Manger. It Was Good Enough For Him.”
Season 6, Episode 7, “Sticks And Stones”

There are many great couples in Outlander, but Lizzie’s short-lived love triangle with Keziah and Josiah is arguably more intriguing. Known for her indecision and nonchalance, she refuses to choose one of the two men, insisting she loves them both.

Jamie solves the predicament and demonstrates his problem-solving skills by having Keziah and Josiah play a game inside a barn in order to decide who will marry Lizzie. When Lizzie protests the location choice, Jamie reminds her that Jesus was far humbler.

“How Will Lancing Boils And Tasting Urine Help Us To Save Scotland?”
Season 2, Episode 19, “Useful Occupations and Deceptions”

Jamie Fraser isn’t always self-centered, but when protecting Scotland, he strongly believes nothing else should take priority over that. Naturally, Jamie isn’t thrilled when Claire takes up a job at the L’Hopital des Anges when the two head to France to make essential political movies.

The highlander is even more disgusted by the fact Claire tasted a patient’s urine in order to make a Diabetes diagnosis. When the two have a conversation in the night, Jamie doesn’t hide his chagrin, arguing Claire should avoid getting distracted and focus on their mission.

“If My Last Words Are Not I Love You, It’ll Be Because I Didn’t Have Time.”
Season 5, Episode 12, “Never My Love”

Jamie and Claire have constantly proven they should be among the best TV couples on TV. No matter how challenging the times are, the two never lack the energy to utter “sweet nothings” and declare their affection for one another.

During one of their heart-to-heart conversations, Jamie promises to Claire that whether he dies on the battlefield or on his bed, his last words will be “I love you.” He figures the only thing that might stop him from uttering them is a lack of time, not a lack of desire. By saying this, he puts a smile on her face once again.

“Military And Marriage Are No Easy Bedfellows.”
Season 3, Episode 4, “Of Lost Things”

The “arranged marriage” is one of the common TV romance tropes Outlander uses. Geneva suffers that particular fate by being wedded to the Earl of Ellesmere. During the wedding, the marriage bug hits Isobel too, so she tells Jamie about her desire to have Lord Grey as her husband.

Isobel’s crush stems from the fact Lord Grey is a great military leader, but Jamie quickly warns her that men who are great at war don’t always make great husbands. Jamie clearly sees himself as an exception. However, he makes a fair point since many soldiers on Outlander are depicted as absentee husbands.

“If You Bed A Vixen, You Must Expect To Get Bit.”
Season 1, Episode 9, “The Reckoning”

Jamie Fraser is ever willing to pardon Claire and ignore anything unusual that she does. His love for her is unconditional, something Claire appreciates dearly. Jamie’s tendency to give her a pass becomes particularly sweet after Claire injures him during an intimate session.

Claire insists on knowing whether Jamie is okay. In a remark taken right out of the Diana Gabaldon books, Jamie reasons that since he knows how aggressive she can be, whatever happened is no big deal to him. The fact Jamie doesn’t even wear a frown or wince in pain makes the moment even more memorable.

“A Dream For Some Can Be A Nightmare For Others.”
Season 4, Episode 1, “America The Beautiful”

Initially, Jamie is never keen on listening to Claire’s predictions about the future, but he soon grows curious. While the two are in America, he asks her what will become of the natives. Claire informs him that their land will be taken in the way same the British took the land of the highlanders.

After Claire tells Jamie that America will be a land of dreams and opportunities for many people, Jamie feels both happy and sad. He hates the fact people will have to lose their land, but also rejoices that the nation will grow into something great.

“We Use His Broken Heart To Break His Bank.”
Season 2, Episode 4, “La Dame Blanche”

For most of Outlander, Jamie Fraser remains an honorable man, but he never hesitates to manipulate situations in order to achieve his objectives. He resorts to clever scheming when he realizes Charles has been having an affair with the married Louise de La Tour, and she has now broken his heart.

Quickly, Jamie informs Claire of his plans to use the information to make Charles do his bidding. This proves smart thinking on Jamies’s part. Unbeknownst to him, Charles is destined to invade Scotland and cause the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion in the country.

“The World And Each Day In It Is A Gift.”
Season 5, Episode 7, “The Ballad Of Roger Mac”

The day after his 50th birthday, Jamie Fraser realizes how lucky he is to live to that age because his father never did. In the chaotic world of the 18th century, diseases and endless wars often took people’s lives far too soon.

Ever appreciative of the little things, Jamie takes a moment to show gratitude. The remark reflects his new philosophical views. After staying with Claire for so long, Jamie learns to analyze life in detail like her, but he looks at everything that has happened in the past and present.

“Until You Risk All, You Cannot Speak Of Love.”
Season 3, Episode 10, “Heaven And Earth”

On several occasions, Jamie Fraser cleverly used words to impose his will on others. Jamie urges Fergus to help him escape when Fergus comes to visit him at the Artemis. Jamie argues he needs to be free to save Claire.

Knowing words alone won’t be enough, Jamie vows not to let Fergus marry Marsali if he doesn’t help. By doing this, he knows Fergus will want to prove his love for Marsali by risking his life for her. Such a move will definitely benefit both of them.

“War Is Not Like Hunting. The Deer And The Possums Aren’t Trying To Kill You.”
Season 5, Episode 7, “The Ballad Of Roger Mac”

As one of the best characters in Outlander, Jamie has many positive attributes, like his genuine sense of care and concern. He never wants to see harm come to anyone, so when Roger recruits the Findlay boys for battle, Jamie takes time to instill proper skills in them,

Since the boys are only used to hunting, Jamie realizes they might be caught off-guard trying to wait for the enemy. Jamie offers them solid advice, which works well. Although one boy later takes things to the extreme by shooting Murtagh.


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