Supernatural is the longest-running American fantasy TV show and lasted an impressive 15 seasons. The beloved show has a dedicated audience who continue to make it relevant years after its conclusion. Despite the decline in popularity over the last few seasons and its failed spin-off, the series has maintained its credibility, setting the standards for various other new supernatural and fantasy shows.

What makes Supernatural so popular is undoubtedly the actors’ exceptional performances and memorable quotes. Dozens of lines from the show are honored in pop culture, even reaching beyond the fandom to those who have yet to watch a single episode. The best quotes from Supernatural are memorable for various reasons, including their humor, uniqueness, and heartwarming meaning.

“Driver Picks The Music; Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole.”
Dean’s Musical Taste Will Not Be Ignored

There are many beloved relationships within the Supernatural universe. However, one of the most popular partnerships was between Dean Winchester and his car. While it seems odd that this is an honored relationship within the long-running series, the dedication Dean has to his Impala is established from the very beginning.

In Season 1, Dean says this iconic line to Sam when his younger brother jokes about his taste in music. It’s a humorous and lighthearted quote that has withstood the test of time and shined through the darker, more serious moments in the emotional plotline.

“My People Skills Are Rusty.”
Fans Relate To This Iconic Castiel Line

Castiel is one of the most lovable and entertaining Supernatural characters. Even after the fantasy show went off the rails and disappointed fans with his arc, he was remembered for some of his impactful and memorable moments.

Despite Castiel’s seriousness, especially in the early seasons, he’s remembered for his hilarious ignorance of humankind. This quote perfectly reflects his fledging personality, when he associates more with his celestial relationships and experiences than his human ones. Fans loved this Castiel quote because, despite being mortal themselves, they can perhaps relate to not understanding all social norms.

“I Sing When I’m Nervous; Don’t Judge Me!”
Charlie Bradbury Being Arguably The Most Relatable Character

Another character who was particularly relatable for fans was Charlie Bradbury. As an eccentric, intelligent woman of the modern era, Charlie was beloved for her cute and quirky personality traits that set her aside from the seriousness and overt masculinity of the Winchester brothers.

When Charlie is helping the Winchesters in Season 7, she begins singing to calm her nerves and says this line. Many people can relate to Charlie’s small quirks. This humanization of these supernaturally-influenced characters was a welcome addition to the fantastical experience of Supernatural.

“Family Don’t End In Blood, Boy.”
Bobby Proves He Was The Epic Winchester Father-Figure

Arguably the hardest death in this show was Bobby Singer, the father figure of the Winchester brothers after John Winchester’s death. In comparison to the absent and emotionally unavailable Winchester father, Bobby was the perfect balance of dedication and tough love for the young and arrogant brothers.

In an emotional Season 13 scene between Bobby and Dean, Bobby says this unforgettable line. He voiced what audiences have known for a while; Sam and Dean weren’t without a family, even if their biological ones were all deceased. The bond they create throughout the show highlights this, making Bobby’s quote impactful long after his death.

“Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark?”
Dean Validates A Classic Childhood Fear

The Winchester brothers were polar opposites; Sam was the brother with a gentle and caring side who comforted children who had witnessed the paranormal and darkness of their world. Dean, on the other hand, was a direct and honest person who called things for what they were.

This classic dreamer vs. realist is a theme throughout Supernatural. In addition to being humorous, this Dean quote is memorable because it reflects the overall tone of the series. Dean would never tell anyone they shouldn’t fear the dark and unknown; instead, hee knows the supernatural world is dangerous and would rather prepare people than coddle them.

“You Say That Like It’s A Bad Thing. Nice Girls, They’re Pathetic. Here’s To Evil Skanks.”
Rowena Is The Queen That Was Promised

Rowena MacLeod’s character went from villain to ally and had a significant impact on Supernatural fans. Because fans had accused the writers of being indifferent to feminine characters, this powerful female character was a welcome addition, despite the controversy surrounding her.

Viewers don’t necessarily have to agree with this quote to understand the meaning behind it. This Rowena line is a trademark of her character and the series because she makes no excuses for her actions and always owns up to her personality. After living through multiple centuries due to her power and resilience, Rowena knew kindness and heroism weren’t always the best course of action.

“I’m The One Who Gripped You Tight And Raised You From Perdition.”
Fans Remember Fierce Angelic Castiel

Supernatural is an immersive fantasy world that complicates the difference between good and evil, proven by the occasional sympathetic monster and the often unlikable, indifferent angels. Castiel immediately made an impact on fans and Supernatural when he said this iconic line to Dean.

Castiel saving Dean from Hell is a critical plot point in the overall series. The importance of this line is woven throughout the show, highlighted by the increasingly close relationship between Dean and his angel savior. Even when the two are a team and on the same level of respectability, Castiel’s first action is unforgettable.

“We’re All Going To Hell, Dean. Might As Well Enjoy The Ride.”
Bela Expresses Her Most Villainous Persona

Before Lauren Cohen became a long-running survivor in the world of The Walking Dead, she played the villainous and captivating Bela in Supernatural. Though she had an alliance with the Winchesters at one point, Bela was a polarizing personality because she would steal and sell powerful magical artifacts.

Many viewers sympathized with Bela and could understand how her difficult childhood resulted in her need to protect and care for herself over anyone else. This is one of her most memorable lines, as it emphasizes the dark and often hopeless tone of the show.

“Some People Are Just Born Tortured.”
Sam The Philosopher

At the beginning of the show, Sam Winchester was enrolled at Standford University, and his intelligence really shines through throughout the series’ 15 seasons. While Sam’s character arc was one of the most heartbreaking and complicated storylines throughout Supernatural, despite everything that happened to him, he was always a smart, thoughtful brother who used research and critical thinking to solve cases.

There were countless moments when Sam analyzed a situation to give the current “Monster of the Week” a deeper meaning, proven with impactful lines such as this. These memorable quotes accentuate the more intense themes in the show, including the dark and disturbing side of humanity.

“Saving People. Hunting Things. The Family Business.”
Dean Encompasses The Theme of Supernatural

This Supernatural quote is not just memorable, but it’s easily the most significant line in the whole show. Quoted on dozens of posters, collectibles, and fandom art, Dean’s remark encompasses the beginning of this substantial fantasy series. While the show got increasingly complicated, the original storyline and tone cannot be forgotten.

Before Dean and Sam fought wars against angels, demons, and the Almighty himself, they were monster hunters picking up where their father left off. Their story began as children when their mother was killed by a demon, kick-starting the Winchesters’ desire to protect innocents from supernatural dangers.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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