Outlander is doing for Scotland in the modern day, what Braveheart did for tourism in the country in the 90s.

Fans across the world will visit Glasgow – some to exclusively see where their favourite show was filmed.

It’s a hugely popular TV show worldwide – and a lot of its best scenes are shot right here in Glasgow, albeit dressed up to look like 1700s Scotland, France, and at times even America (back when it was a BrItish colony).

Given that the time-travel drama is filmed in Wardpark Studios in Cumbernauld, out of convenience the cast will often shoot on location around Glasgow – whether that be exteriors in the lush country parks like Calderglen, or inside the impressive interiors of the University of Glasgow or St Andrews in the Square.

It’s less than a month until Outlander returns to our screens for season 7 (June 17!) – in celebration of that fact, we put together a list of 12 filming locations in and around Glasgow you can visit today.

Cumbernauld Glen
A number of memorable scenes were filmed at the glen. Perhaps the most memorable was the much anticipated fight between Jamie and the ‘bear’. Oftentimes the local community of Cumbernauld will travel down to meet some of the cast as they prepare to film – as the council gives people a lot of notice ahead of closing large swathes of the woodland.

University of Glasgow
The University of Glasgow doubled for Harvard University where Frank taught as a professor and where Brianna visited him in his office. (Picture: Andy Buchanan/AFP via Getty Images) Photo: ANDY BUCHANAN

Pollok Country Park
Pollok Country Park, on the south side of Glasgow, doubled as the grounds surrounding the fictional Castle Leoch in season one. The park also stood in for the French countryside that the characters travelled through between Le Havre and Paris in season two. Photo: Canva/Getty Images

Glasgow Cathedral
The crypt of this imposing medieval cathedral doubled as L’Hopital Des Anges in Paris where Claire volunteered to work.

Kelvingrove Park
Kelvingrove Park doubled for the Boston Park where Claire frequently took walks. The park also featured when she pushed Brianna in her pram, passing a man who was playing the bagpipes.

Dowanhill Street
The street is used as the location for Claire and Frank’s home on Furey Street, Boston. The house used was number 124 which is at the north end of the street, between Downside Road and Victoria Crescent Road. The interiors of the house were not shot here, it was just used for external scenes.

Glasgow City Chambers
The exterior of Glasgow City Chambers was turned into a 1940s set to film Frank’s spontaneous proposal to Claire.

The seaside town of Troon was the setting for the scene where Claire, Jamie and Murtagh arrived at the coast and boarded a 17th century ship to deliver Jamie to France.

Dunure Harbour
The little harbour in the village of Dunure in Ayrshire stood in for Ayr Harbour as Claire and Jamie left Scotland in pursuit of Young Ian. Less than a mile away is Dunure Castle that featured as Silkie Island in season three. The harbour featured again in season four, where Brianna and Roger were reunited in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Glasgow Victoria Infirmary
At the time of filming, the southside hospital was disused. The wards were used to depict the hospital Claire works at. Unfortunately, it has since been demolished, and the site has been redeveloped.

Calderglen Country Park
The park near East Kilbride was used as a backdrop when Jamie took Willie on a hunting and fishing trip, with dangerous consequences.

St Andrews in the Square
The inside of St Andrew’s in the Square was used to film the theatre scenes in season 4 episode 8,Wilmington. Filming also took place outside the church. It was here that Sophie Skelton and Tobias Menzies can be seen in the scene when Frank talks to Bree about moving to England.

Source: glasgowworld.com

By Damyan Ivanov

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