It could have been all so different for Cuoco and her run on The Big Bang Theory. She was initially slotted as Katie, a much different character that was portrayed as an unhappy woman. Ultimately, she didn’t get the part and the role was scrapped altogether. Producers would extend the Penny character and when she auditioned for the role, she suddenly became a perfect fit. As they say, the rest is history and the show would go on to enjoy tremendous success for 12 seasons, unbelievably.

The fans still want more and that’s especially true for Penny, aka Kaley Cuoco. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of her finest pics since leaving the show, even featuring a couple alongside the cast.

Enjoy the article, folks.


She made a couple of appearances post-Big Bang Theory. One of them took place on the Lip Sync Battle show.

Cuoco stole the show in the spot in more ways than one, everything from her persona to her outfit were all on point. It made fans miss her on the sitcom that much more.


This is Cuoco’s next big adventure following Big Bang coming to an end. She’ll be in a comfortable studio, doing voice-over work as Harley Quinn.

We can all agree that’s a great gig, we can also see Cuoco playing the actual role, like in the picture above.


She posted this pic to IG and of course, it got all the fans talking. The picture shows both Penny and Leonard, the standout couple from Big Bang Theory.

Surprisingly, the two would also date in real-life briefly. However, given these types of selfies, they’re more than content as friends these days, both with new partners.


Kaley posted this selfie to her IG and let’s just say it got a lot of attention. The cast made an appearance on the Stephen Colbert Show, and it was the cast’s final appearance together as a team.

At the very least, we’ll always have the reruns which will play for years and years to come and who knows, maybe a reunion might take shape down the road as well.


The Big Bang Theory star is traveling at the moment. She posted this behind the scenes photo just two days ago. It was her first day shooting in Bangkok, according to Cuoco it was for her new project, The Flight Attendant.

As long as it features Cuoco, it has our attention.


We also get updates on Cuoco through the paparazzi and their nosy ways. They snapped a photo of the Big Bang Star walking down the LA streets, getting ready for a yoga class.

She remains in phenomenal shape and we miss her that much more when seeing such photos.


She really doesn’t have to do much in order to make fans miss her. Just standing around in a pair of jeans can do the trick, as seen in the picture above.

This is yet another candid shot of the Big Bang beauty, given that she lives in LA, these types of photos are pretty common.


During their farewell tour, the cast made a pit-stop outside the TCL Chinese Theatre over in Hollywood.

The cast immortalized their impact on the cement by placing their hands. It was yet another special moment for the stars of the show, one that was emotional for both the fans and the cast alike.


At the very least, we can also keep track of Cuoco through award shows. One of them that she recently took part in was the Critics Choice Awards.

It was quite the treat to see the Big Bang star once again, this time dressed to pure perfection in a stunning black gown.


According to People, Cuoco tied the knot just seven months after her engagement. She married Karl Cook in San Diego, California, in what was said to be a beautiful wedding.

She posted a couple of photos of the special day via IG. At the very least, she’s enjoying the married life back at home since the show came to an end.


We would see Cuoco in a minor role on Netflix as well – hopefully, this becomes a norm moving forward. She appeared on Day 4 Handsome, A Netflix Mystery Movie.

She’s working on more films at the moment and we’re hoping to see her back on television soon as well, hopefully on another sitcom.


It is that time of day for the celeb, hitting up the gym. She’s spotted on her commute to the gym, though that seems to be the norm given the slew of photos featuring Cuoco and fitness attire, on her way to yoga or the gym.

She’s so committed which is nothing but motivating for onlookers; she seems to be getting better with age.


She’s enjoying a laugh in the kitchen alongside her sister; this IG post actually kind of reminds us of a moment on The Big Bang Theory – great to see Cuoco with that great sense of humor shining in the picture as she points at her special custom-made leggings. She’s a true treasure.


At the very least, we still have IG, the social media platform allows us to connect with the Big Bang star, at least somewhat as we can keep up-to-date with her current ongoing schedule, post-Big Bang.

We’re more than content, along with other 5.7 million followers, when she posts such pics.


She’s happier than ever in her personal life, married to Karl Cook. Of course, it is common knowledge by now that her first relationship didn’t work out so well with Ryan Sweeting. The two married in 2013 and just three years later, they decided to go their own separate ways.


Another recent IG post, she’s looking top-notch. Things could’ve worked out differently for Cuoco, who pursued tennis intensely when she was younger, specifically from the age of 3 till 16.

Ultimately, despite her talent, she decided on an acting career. We can all agree, she might the correct decision.


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“I have to have a cheat day. I know when I’m being good all week long that come Sunday, I’m going to lie by the pool, have a drink, and eat some pizza,” she also told Us Weekly magazine in 2015. “Then I wake up on Monday morning and I’m all ready to start the week again. I’m just going to be in a bad mood all the time if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.”

That’s what Cuoco had to say in terms of her healthy eating habits.

Sources: Insider & IG

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