As the longest-running scripted show on the network, Showtime’s Shameless is centered around a dysfunctional family residing in the South Side of Chicago. The show, which is certainly not for the faint of heart, follows the Gallagher family and friends as they claw their way through whatever life throws at them. They were abandoned by their mother and left to fend for themselves by their come-and-go, alcoholic father. The eldest of the family, Fiona Gallagher, is left in charge of raising and providing for her five siblings.

The characters in this show don’t possess much vanity; they are way too busy dealing with poverty and addiction (and trying to take care of each other) to worry about appearances. Due to incredible acting, it may be hard to see these actors as anything but the rough around the edges characters that they play. Here are 19 flattering photos of the cast of Shameless that put them in a completely different light!


William H. Macy plays the narcissistic, alcoholic father of the Gallagher family. Most (if not all) of the time, he seems to care more about getting his next drink than his own family. He’s definitely shown in the least flattering light possible on Shameless, but this photo shows he can actually clean up pretty nice!


As the always-on-the-go Fiona Gallagher, we don’t really get to see Emmy Rossum at her best on Shameless. Between raising five children and trying to make ends meet, she doesn’t have much time to worry about appearances. But, we can clearly see her beauty in this candid photo of her out and about in New York.


Lip, or Phillip, Gallagher is known for being quite the womanizer on Shameless. The actor who plays him, Jeremy Allen White, seems like he doesn’t have much of a problem with the ladies off-camera, either. He recently married his beautiful wife, Addison Timlin, back in October of this year (2019).


Cameron Monaghan isn’t often portrayed in the most flattering of ways on Shameless and in other roles. His character, Ian Gallagher, goes through quite a few hardships on the show, which ultimately land him in prison. He also stars as a deranged murderer on the television series, Gotham. This photo shows a sweeter side of Cameron that we don’t get to see onscreen.


Emma Kenney plays one of the younger Gallagher siblings, Debbie Gallagher, on Shameless. She’s forced to grow up rather quickly, to help take care of the family, and this causes Debbie to become a strong, independent woman who works full-time. She even wears a diaper to work during one episode, to fight for equal pay. We see a completely different side of Emma in this stunning photo.


It’s not hard to find a flattering photo of Shanola Hampton; she’s a showstopper, both on and off the screen. She plays Veronica “V” Fisher, girlfriend to Kevin Ball, neighbor to the Gallagher’s and Fiona’s best friend. V is known for using her looks and not being afraid to show them off on the show.


Steve Howey’s big, lovable character is a fan favorite on the show, Shameless. If you’ve seen the showit’s no secret that Steve is in shape for his role as Kevin Ball. Steve has actually competed in a few triathlons and is shown here showing off his muscles in preparation for one he recently competed in.


Isidora Goreshter plays Svetlana on Shameless, and Svetlana is a tough, bold, Russian immigrant who knows what she wants and how to get it. She ends up becoming part of a “throuple” with Kevin and Veronica, helping to raise their children and work at their bar. She looks absolutely stunning in this photo, showing that red is definitely her color.


Kate Miner is one of the more recent characters on the show; she comes in during season nine as the no-filter Tammi Tamietti. Lip Gallagher seemed to be smitten ever since he first met her, (despite her insults) and we can see why. Kate looks gorgeous her, attending the 2019 Emmy Awards Showtime party.


Jimmy, or Steve, or Jack, is introduced in the first season, as Fiona Gallagher’s sketchy boyfriend. He’s involved in some risky business and ends up going by various aliases. It’s easy to see why Fiona was pretty blind to his ways in the beginning. The actor who plays him, Justin Chatwin, is pretty cute.


Dermot Mulroney plays Sean Pierce, ex-fiance of Fiona Gallagher. They’re together while Sean is working through recovery due to drug addiction, but he ends up relapsing…and leaving Fiona waiting at the altar. He seems like a very sweet (and very handsome) guy in person. He’s, seen here snuggled up for a photo with a former costar.


Mickey Milkovich, played by Noel Fisher, is the rough around the edges, on-and-off boyfriend of Ian Gallagher. Noel’s character is extremely intimidating on the show, and could even be intimidating off of it too, due to his good looks. This photo certainly shows off his stunning blue eyes.


As the manipulative sister of Mickey, Emma Greenwell’s character, Mandy Milkovich, isn’t really shown in a flattering light on the show. She’s often sent into jealous rages, at one point even driving her car over Lip’s ex-girlfriend. Emma looks almost unrecognizable as Mandy here; she is looking extremely cute and innocent.


Joan Cusack plays Sheila Jackson, the obsessive-compulsive mother of Karen Jackson and the ex-partner of Frank Gallagher. Seemingly sweet and somewhat normal at first, Shelia has some “interests”, which are later introduced during the series, that show her in a completely different light. Offscreen, Joan is extremely sweet and admits she’s actually quite shy, despite the roles she plays.


Karen Jackson is the selfish, manipulative daughter of Shelia Jackson (and ex-girlfriend to Lip Gallagher) on Shameless. Pictured here at the premiere of the movie she stars in, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, Laura Wiggins looks extremely cute while wearing a white blouse, pink skirt, and matching blazer.


No wonder Lip Gallagher had fallen head over heels for his professor, Helené Runyon, on the show. I mean, can you blame him? The actress who plays her, Sasha Alexander, is absolutely stunning. Her allure causes Jeremy Allen White’s character to easily become smitten by her.


Ruby Modine’s character, Sierra Morton, is an employee of Fiona’s, who develops a complicated relationship with Lip. He becomes extremely attracted to her while being around her at work, which isn’t hard to understand. Ruby looks absolutely incredible here at a Shameless screening in Hollywood, wearing a black dress and flattering red lip.


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