The all-over the world popular show Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has blown up the fire on Netflix since it was premiered in 2017. The Spanish drama Money Heist shows thrills, tragedy and a bit of romance at every turn.

Money Heist could be a true-crime series about the craziest heist in history. With three seasons under its franchise, Money Heist left its fans in very much suspense with many loose ends that need to tie up.

Note: Spoilers For Money Heist Followers

Alice (Najwa Nimri) Is Tatiana (Diana Gomez)
This theory actually doesn’t make much sense, but the official Spanish Netflix Twitter account has already mentioned this theory also. Redditors have debated with the inspector that Alicia Sierra is the same person as Berlin (Perdo Allonso’s) ex-girlfriend (Tatiana).

Both characters are played by different actresses. We know that Berlin tells Tatiana about the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain before he leaves, and the flashback confirms this thing. And Tatiana herself is a thief, and this is somehow sure that she would not assist the police unless she was working as an undercover.

Nairobi Isn’t Dead
Nairobi doesn’t die on the screen, she loses her consciousness but doesn’t leave this world. She loses her consciousness after being shot by a sniper and dying in Helsinki’s arms in Season 3. This comes from the circumstances of her injury.

The Gang Runs Away From The Royal Bank By Causing A Popular Revolt
There is no official theory about this, but everyone online revolves around the Professor’s comment on war. The main cause of the revolt for the heists was to divide the authorities’ attention.

Tokyo Is The Only One Left Alive In The End
Tokyo took us by the hand through the heists. We got a close and intimate view of the action, as she tells the story of the Professor and her teammates. But what will happen if the story she is telling is actually the past, and she’s recounting it as the only survivor?


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