Along with Lucifer, Chloe Decker is the titular character of the show Lucifer. A detective who crosses path with Lucifer Morningstar which changes her fate forever. We learn that once Chloe was married to Dan Espinoza with whom she has a daughter named Trixie. Her mother wanted her to choose the acting/entertainment field, but she choose to become a cop, following the footsteps of her father. What makes the character of Chloe Decker stands out is her uncompromising integrity, she is an extremely honest person who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. Chloe is smart and intelligent, she is rational and doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her. She is able to navigate her way through any problem. All these qualities make her an exceptional police officer. It was her uncompromising nature which made her go against one of her colleagues in the Palmetto case.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About Chloe Decker From Lucifer


Chloe Decker is not your typical human. She has a sharp mind, allowing her to rationally and objectively understand situations. Chloe Decker has displayed high problem solving skills which are not limited to solving crimes, but dealing with celestial problems too. She also possesses some special powers such as being immune to the charm of Lucifer. No other human on the planet can resist from telling Lucifer their deepest, darkest fantasies, but Chloe is not affected by Lucifer’s power of desire. Chloe is the only mortal who sees Lucifer for who he really is. Secondly, Chloe also possesses the ability to transform the immortal celestial beings into mortal beings. Lucifer became mortal while being in her vicinity. Whenever Chloe is around Lucifer, he is vulnerable to being injured and even death. But while Lucifer’s mortality was affected by the vicinity of Chloe, in the case of Pierce, it had to do with the feelings of Pierce/Cain. Cain’s curse was lifted off when he fell in love with Chloe.


According to Lucifer Fandom, the last name of Chloe was originally decided as Chloe Dancer. However, the last name was modified to Decker. Interestingly, Season 5 episode ‘iDiablo’ there’s a character named Detective Dancer who is an actress playing a detective character on the TV series ‘Diablo’ which is based on the life of Lucifer in the Lucifer Universe. Did you know that the name Chloe is one of the many names of the Greek Goddess Demeter, the bringer of the harvest, and also the mother of Persephone who was taken away by Hades. In Greek, the word Greek also means ‘Fertility’ and it is associated with the color green.


Chloe Decker is also the first character to be not affected by the charm of Lucifer. In Season 5 Episode ‘Our Mojo’, Lucifer passed his mojo to Chloe after which he was unable to bring out the desires of other people. He tried using his mojo AKA Desire Power on several people, but it didn’t work.

Did you know Chloe Decker is the first character whom we seen in a flash forward where she has gotten old. Chloe eventually passed away due to her old age, living a long happy life. This also makes her the last character to die on the show.


The story of Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar is extraordinary for numerous reasons. A human and the devil falling love. Chloe’s love became the main reason for the transformation of Lucifer who would eventually come to accept himself and become a better person (or devil) for Chloe Decker. Lucifer’s vulnerability around Chloe is the genuine proof of his love for the detective. But this love story not only stood the test of time, but it also involved traveling across different dimensions.

In Season 1, Lucifer could have died, but God resurrected him. But despite dying, he asked God to save Chloe & Trixie. In Season 2, Lucifer travels to Hell to retrieve the antidote which could save Chloe. In Season 5, when Chloe died at the hands of Michael, her soul is in heaven. It’s one place where Lucifer is banished from, but he risks everything for love, and enters the realm where he hands Chloe the Lilith’s immortality spell. And in the final episode, after her demise, she arrives in Hell to be with Lucifer as partners forever.


Chloe’s father John Decker was a cop who died in the line of duty. His demise played a significant role in bringing Lucifer and Chloe together. Without the demise of John, Chloe would have decided to follow his father’s footsteps. Interestingly, the role of John Decker is played by Chris Payne who is married to Lesley Ann who played the role of Mazikeen. Her mother Penelope Decker was a hit 80s actress who was unable to conceive a child so Amenadiel blessed her and John with a child who turned out to be Chloe. Her daughter Trixie suffered the same fate as her mother Chloe, both Trixie and Chloe lost their father at a young age, both of their dads were cops. Through her love with Lucifer, Chloe has given birth to Rory, the second only Nephilim in the Lucifer Universe.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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