Supernatural had a constant flux of characters through its run of 15 seasons. Some showed up for only one episode but still left an impression.

After being on air for 15 years, Supernatural ended in November 2020, but with the prequel announced last year, it is safe to say that the Supernatural universe is here to stay. The prequel will revolve around John and Mary Winchester and is set to be narrated by Dean, but whether there will be any appearances from Dean or other major characters is still unknown. The possibility that the viewers might get to see some familiar faces is extremely high, especially angels and demons because many of them existed before the birth of Sam and Dean and thus, can make an appearance in the prequel.

Jesse the ‘Antichrist’ kid

Jesse Turner is one of the most interesting minor characters to have ever appeared on the show. He is a young kid who appeared in episode 6 of Season 5, ‘I Believe the Children Are Our Future’.

It’s a shame that fans don’t know anything about his whereabouts after that episode. Even though he never appeared again, fans loved to speculate about his return, as he certainly had powerful abilities. He could have been a huge help to the Winchester brothers throughout the show but the ‘Antichrist’ storyline was unfortunately dropped.


Supernatural introduced many angels throughout the 15 seasons and one of them was Ishim, who appeared in Season 12 Episode 10. He was the commander of a flight of angels in which Castiel once served.

Ishim’s appearance helped shine a light on how much Castiel has changed since he met Sam and Dean. He reminded the fans how Castiel turned from a heartless soldier to a caring friend. He didn’t appear again because he was killed in the episode, but the fans would have loved to explore his past relationship with Cas.

Cassie Robinson

The first serious relationship Dean Winchester ever had was with Cassie Robinson. Cassie came in Season 1 Episode 13, ‘Route 666’. She is a reporter and the daughter of Martin Robinson, who died in the episode.

Cassie was a great character, as she was adamant in figuring out the cause of her dad’s death, even when the authorities brushed it off as a mere accident. She never appeared again and was never mentioned again, even though she is still alive. She could have shown up later in the show and it would be great to see her reaction to how much Dean has grown and changed.


Season 5 had many memorable monster-of-the-week episodes and one of them was episode 7, ‘The Curious Case of Dean Winchester’. The antagonist of this episode was a 900-year-old witch, Patrick.

Patrick’s charm and his mastery of poker were compelling and kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. His storyline wasn’t neatly wrapped up as he maintained his hunger for immortality at the end of the episode. So, he may be still stealing 25 to 50 years off of people’s lives. The Winchesters should have done something about him as he is pushing people to their graves much sooner.


Madison came in episode 17 of Season 2, ‘Heart’. She was a werewolf with whom Sam fell in love.

What made her memorable was how she was ready to die after knowing about the damage she was causing and how quickly she became so important to Sam. Even though Sam had to kill her, it was probably the hardest thing he ever had to do, as he was in tears during the act. She is later mentioned multiple times in Season 4 and Season 6, demonstrating her impact on Sam’s life and on the show.


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