Supernatural lasted 15 successful seasons, and despite the controversy of the last few seasons, fans continue to mourn the loss of their favorite show. The series is a great binge-watch, giving viewers hundreds of episodes to experience the excitement and danger of Sam and Dean Winchester’s storyline.

The show was multi-layered, offering the audience everything from terror and paranormal thrills to humor and emotional stakes. In a world with so much death and destruction, it’s no surprise that Supernatural didn’t have a shortage of heartbreaking moments. Many of these scenes left a lasting impression and are remembered as some of the most heart-rendering experiences in the entire series.

Sam’s First Death Was Unforgettable
Sam died for the first time in Season 2, Episode 21, “All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1.”

The Winchesters have died far too many times, making their demises anti-climatic and even humorous. However, Sam Winchester’s first death in Season 2 was heartbreaking. In this episode, Azazel (the Yellow-Eyed Demon) makes his experiments, the people with demon blood, fight to the death. Though Sam initially gets the upper hand in the final battle, a distraction ends with his opponent stabbing him in the back.

Sam dying in Dean’s arms was a tear-jerking moment that left the audience distraught. It was all the more shocking when Dean decided to make a deal with a demon, trading his life and soul for his brother’s. This emotional moment led to one of the most substantial plot lines in the series.

Dean Can’t Escape The Memories Of Hell
Dean confesses his experiences in Hell in Season 4, Episode 10, “Heaven and Hell.”

Many heroes seem to betray themselves in Supernatural, especially Sam turning his back on his dreams. However, it was Dean Winchester who truly destroyed himself when he traded his life for his brother’s, going to Hell and tormenting himself as well as everyone who loved him.

After Sam continuously pushes Dean to open up about his experiences in Hell, he finally confesses about his unimaginable torment and his eventually tormenting other souls. As the character that suppresses his emotions more than showing them, his breakdown while confiding this experience was astonishing and absolutely brutal to watch.

Dean Drops Years Of Trauma On Mary
Dean s

In Season 12 of Supernatural, Mary is brainwashed by the Men of Letters. When Dean attempts to save his mother, he finds her peacefully existing in a memory of when Sam was an infant and her life was happy. In an emotional moment, Dean confesses his hate for his mother’s decision to leave Sam vulnerable to Azazel, which ultimately causes her death.

Though many fans believe Mary’s revival was a terrible Supernatural storyline, the emotions Sam and Dean expressed following her revival were worth the controversy. Dean’s opening up about his childhood trauma and spite towards his mother was key to understanding the complexities of this defensive character.

Bobby’s Last Memory Was Peaceful
After being shot by Dick Roman, Bobby dies in the hospital in Season 7, Episode 10, “Death’s Door.”

While Bobby is dying from a gunshot wound, he remembers some of his most cherished moments, concluding with a happy dinner time between him and the Winchester brothers. In an emotional scene, Bobby awoke to call his surrogate sons “idjits” one last time before passing away.

Though fans hated Bobby’s death, and thought it was one of the worst moments in the show, it made a lasting impression. Before Bobby created an unbreakable bond with Sam and Dean, he was a relatively lonely and solitary man. Knowing his bond with the brothers brought him peace in his final moments was almost worth the heartbreak.

Gadreel Killed Kevin In One Of The Most Shocking Scenes Ever
Gadreel possesses Sam’s body and kills Kevin Tran in Season 9, Episode 9, “Holy Terror.”

In Season 9, the Winchesters thought the angel Gadreel was on their side, allowing him to possess Sam’s body to aid their cause against Metatron. In a heart-stopping moment, Gadreel kills Kevin Tran before taking off while still controlling Sam’s body.

Kevin was an instantly beloved character and his death was one of the hardest to swallow. It was even more emotional when Dean broke down about the loss, completely distraught and speechless. The Winchesters felt responsible for the young prophet and the death affected them as much as other beloved family members.

Charlie Suffered A Horrific And Unnecessary Death
Charlie dies helping the Winchesters in Season 10, Episode 21, “Dark Dynasty.”

There are dozens of memorable deaths in Supernatural. There are also countless controversial demises in the show, but no death is more despised than that of the lovable Charlie Bradbury. While helping decode the Book of the Damned, Charlie is hunted down and brutally murdered. The Winchesters race to her rescue, only to find her bloody corpse in a motel bathtub.

Supernatural had an undeniable problem with killing off female characters. Charlie wasn’t just a welcome representation, but an interesting, lively character that captured the hearts of fans. Her death for shock value was completely unacceptable and mourned by the fandom.

Castiel’s Final Moment Was Astonishing
Castiel confesses his love to Dean and sacrifices himself in Season 15, Episode 18, “Despair.”

The final season of Supernatural had a lot of emotional scenes, including Castiel’s final heroic decision. As he sacrifices himself to the Shadow to save Dean from Billie, Castiel tells Dean that he changed his life by being kind and selfless. He tells Dean he loves him before he is taken to the Empty.

“Destiel” fans may have been waiting for this confession of love for seasons, but it was the happiness and content nature of Castiel in his last scene that is unforgettable. In a world with such darkness, it was exceptionally moving to see love save the day.

Sam’s Melancholy After Dean’s Death Nearly Broke Fans
Sam struggles to overcome his grief in the final episode, Season 15, Episode 20, “Carry On.”

Supernatural’s 15th and final season is controversial, but there’s no denying it hit all the right cords emotionally. Nothing was quite as devastating as Dean and Sam’s deaths, but Sam living to mourn his brother was a close second.

After the loss of his brother, Sam spent a long time going through the motions in their bunker home. It was painful to see him break down after finally entering Dean’s room and facing his loneliness. Seeing this dynamic duo split forever, and knowing there was no more coming back, was absolutely devastating for dedicated fans.

The Winchester Brothers Give Their Final Goodbyes
Once the Winchesters defeat God and lose their plot armor, Dean dies in the final episode.

After defeating God, the Winchesters go on hunting despite knowing they no longer have the plot armor the Almighty bestowed on them. While taking out a den of vampires, Dean is mortally wounded with no time to get aid. The brothers share a heart-to-heart and Dean encourages his younger brother to go on and live life to the fullest.

While the debate about which Winchester brother was more likable will forever be a topic within the fandom, there’s no denying that Dean’s unfaltering devotion to his brother was remarkably moving. Hearing him encourage his brother, displaying his undying love for Sam, is the most heartbreaking Supernatural scene.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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