“The only person who gets to torture my brother is me,” Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) said just before deploying piranhas in the swimming pool to exert revenge on her brother’s bullies in one of the most exciting scenes of Wednesday’s first season. Her addictive dark sense of humor delivered in sharp one-liners turned the spooky protagonist into one of the most likable characters of the golden era of TV. The renewal of Wednesday for a second season was, therefore, more than welcome news for the show’s giant fan base that continues to break Netflix’s all-time viewership records as they keep flocking to the streaming platform to watch the queen of dark humor in action.

While announcing the renewal of Wednesday for a second season, Netflix promised fans more “torture,” which is mouth-watering as fans expect a darker version of the show in the second season. To spice up the news, Jenna Ortega promised the fans that the second season would deliver more horror and less romance, unlike the first season. In her interview with Vanity Fair, Ortega confirmed that all the episodes of the second season are just as exciting as the explosive dance scene in the first season, so let’s delve into what we know so far and what fans can expect in the second season of Wednesday.

What will Season 2 of Wednesday be about?

The first season of Wednesday ended in a cliffhanger with the fate of Nevermore Academy in Limbo, Wednesday Addams being threatened by a stalker, and Tyler free to roam as a Hyde once more after overpowering the officers transporting him to jail. With so many conflicts unresolved, there are endless possible starting points for the second season of the show, but most importantly, many fans still hope that Nevermore Academy will still be in existence when the second season is released.

Unfortunately, the plot details for the second season of Wednesday are a closely kept secret by Tim Burton and his writers as the show’s cast confirmed in an interview that even they don’t know what will happen to their characters in the second season. Jenna Ortega, whose role in the show has improved to a director, however, spilled enough beans on what she knows about the second season of Wednesday to give us an intelligent guess of what to expect in the upcoming season.

What to expect in the plot of Wednesday Season 2?

“More misery is coming,” reads the quote in Netflix’s Wednesday Season 2 announcement clip suggesting that the new installment of the series will be just as kooky and spooky as the first one. Most of the first season’s main cast are also featured in the clip which suggests that the season 2 storyline will pick up from where the first season ended. Jenna Ortega’s interview with Vanity Fair shed more light on what the storyline of the upcoming season will look like according to the scripts she had read and most of it is positive.

No more love interests for Wednesday

One of the most controversial aspects of the first season of Wednesday was Wednesday Addams being involved in the seemingly pointless love triangle with Xavier Thorpe and Tyler Galpin. Fortunately, according to Jenna Ortega, the second season will abandon that storyline which is a great starting point.

“It’s still coming together, but we’ve decided we want to lean into the horror more. We’re ditching any romantic love interest, which is really great. We’re going to get bolder, more dark,” Ortega told Elle Fanning during her interview. She had previously expressed her dissatisfaction with the love triangle and its impact on Wednesday as a person, so the abandoning of that storyline is welcome news for her and many fans.

Ortega’s comments suggest that Wednesday won’t be falling in love with any more monsters. However, Wednesday’s romantic encounter wasn’t all in vain because it was through kissing Tyler that she discovered that he was the Hyde. After kidnapping and torturing Tyler in the first season, it is obvious that the two won’t be on the best of terms when the second season starts. Wednesday’s romantic relationship with Xavier also hit the rocks in the first season after Wednesday prematurely accused him of being the Hyde’s master. The second season of the show will therefore cut out both love stories and focus on Wednesday’s fight against the real dark forces behind Tyler and Thornhill.

Increased focus on the supernatural

“We want to lean into the horror aspect of the show a little bit more,” Ortega also said during her interview. Her comments are in line with Netflix’s promise of more horror in the upcoming second season of Wednesday. The exact nature of the horror hasn’t been revealed, but we believe Tyler Galpin and Hydes in general will be at the centre of the action.

The show revealed that Nathaniel Faulkner, the founder of Nevermore Academy, was killed by a Hyde while doing research into them. Before her death, principal Weems also said that Hydes were considered too dangerous and hadn’t been admitted into Nevermore Academy for over 3 decades. While Tyler was revealed as a villain towards the end of the first season, a redemption arc hasn’t been ruled out for the character because Wednesday was more interested in taking down the person who controlled him and doesn’t have anything against Tyler as a person.

Wednesday Addams is actually trying to create a more inclusive society in Nevermore, that accepts all versions of outcasts, be they mutilated body parts, vampires, or sirens, and Hydes are not excluded from that list. Tyler’s redemption, as he rediscovers his roots and learns more about his powers with Wednesday’s help could therefore be a big part of the second season.

The new principal of Nevermore Academy

The death of Principal Larissa Weems was one of the saddest events in the first season of Wednesday as the shapeshifting authoritarian was revealed to have been on Wednesday Addams’ side all along. Weems seemingly succumbed to a poison injected by Ms. Thornhill after shapeshifting into a Tyler Galpin lookalike in a sting operation to expose Thornhill, aka Laurel Gates as the master of the Hyde.

While the first season doesn’t show Weems being buried, there have been rumors that Gwendoline Christie who plays the role has left the cast of Wednesday for good. Fans should therefore expect a new principal for Nevermore and our intelligent guess is that it will be Morticia Addams. According to reports from the creators, the show will explore Wednesday’s relationship with her mother more closely which points at an improved role for Catherine Zeta-Jones who plays Morticia.

The Addams Family is clearly tied to the fate of Nevermore, and Morticia, having been Weems’ classmate, makes the perfect candidate to become the next principal of Nevermore and fight for the existence of outcasts. Wednesday wouldn’t be too happy with her mother being the principal though, but a mother-daughter team fighting for the heart of Nevermore will be an interesting twist for the show’s second season.

Who is Wednesday’s stalker?

After receiving a phone as a conciliatory gift from Xavier in the first season finale, Wednesday started receiving threatening messages from a stalker. The identity of the stalker is not revealed, but they are clearly a person who has been watching Wednesday closely. The identity of the stalker will clearly play a major role in the revealing of the antagonist in the second season of Wednesday.

Xavier is the prime suspect because he gave the phone to Wednesday. However, Wednesday misjudged Xavier in the past, and he is unlikely to have given the phone to Wednesday and proceeded to threaten her knowing he would be the first suspect. We, therefore, strongly believe that the stalker is someone else, closely tied to Thornhill and at the heart of the conspiracy to eliminate outcasts from Nevermore.

What will the cast of Wednesday Season 2 look like?

Jenna Ortega is the most obvious returnee for the second season of Wednesday, reprising her lead role as Wednesday Addams and also acting as a co-producer alongside Tim Burton. Other key cast members that we expect to see in Wednesday season 2 include Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams, and Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams, whom we also expect to join Nevermore Academy in the second season.

Wednesday Addams’s schoolmates that we expect in the second season include Emma Myers as Enid, Percy Hynes as Xavier, Joy Sunday as Bianca, and Naomi Ogawa as Yoko Tanaka. Hunter Doohan is also expected to reprise his role as Tyler Galpin alongside Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin.

We also expect to see Moosa Mostafa return as Eugene Otinger, Georgie Farmer as Ajax, Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester, and Victor Dorobantu to impress as Thing once again. The mysterious Lurch, played by Gorge Burcea is also expected to have an improved role in season 2 of Wednesday.

The second season of Wednesday will also feature a host of new stars as Jenna Ortega confirmed that the family will be bigger than it was in the first season. However, the new cast members won’t be revealed until casting calls are concluded.

Who is the new member of the Addams family in Wednesday Season 2?

While discussing fan theories for the second season of Wednesday, the cast agreed that a new member of the Addams family will be introduced although none of them gave a concrete identity of who it is. While the other cast members said they hoped to meet Wednesday’s spooky cousin, Litt, Ortega insisted that she would prefer to see Wednesday’s grandmother instead.

The identity of the new family member, therefore, remains a mystery, but we believe the family will be bigger and the Addams’ will play a bigger role in the future of Nevermore and the outcasts in the second season. We also believe that Wednesday’s brother Pugsley and her father Gomez will work more closely with the outcasts in the action-packed season.

Where is Wednesday Season 2 filming?

Unlike the first season which was filmed in Romania, Wednesday Season 2 is filmed in Ireland. The change in filming location was rumored immediately after the production of the first season wrapped. The filming of the second season was delayed as a result of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, but Netflix gave the show a priority spot when the strikes ended, putting it on track to start filming in April 2024.

Jenna Ortega confirmed in her interview that she was called back to the set of Wednesday just days after the strike ended. However, despite the priority treatment, Netflix has yet to give a definite release date for Wednesday season 2. We believe the show will be released sometime in 2025 if everything goes smoothly on the set.

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