A member of Lucifer's crew hints a sixth season! (Picture)

Could Lucifer be returning for a sixth season? Fans of the beloved fantasy series have been getting excited about a cryptic message posted by a member of the show’s crew.

Assistant director Katrina Gould has appeared to hint that the series, starring Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar (aka Satan), will be back for another instalment after the forthcoming fifth season ends.

Posting to Instagram, Gould uploaded a picture of herself and a dapper-looking Ellis, alongside the caption: “Getting to work another season of Lucifer with @officialtomellis was a dream come true!

“It’s a bummer the world has gone crazy and we couldn’t end it the way it should’ve been ended, but there is always next season!”

The cryptic caption follows a series of reports suggesting that lead actor Ellis has signed a deal with Netflix for another stint.

The upcoming fifth season was initially said to be the show’s last, but the announcement sparked a huge fan campaign – entitled #SaveLucifer – to get the show back on air.

The fifth season will consist of 16 episodes and land on Netflix in two blocks of eight, with the first expected to air sometime in 2020.

Source: radiotimes.com

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