The second season of Legacies premieres later this month, and a new clip from the first episode has been released by The CW.

The clip sees fraternal twin sisters Josie and Lizzie Saltzman with the Ascendant, an ancient relic they recovered in the Season 1 finale along with the discovery that once they reach the age of 22, they would have to duel in the Merge, with the victor absorbing the strength and power of the loser. The siblings discuss the strange device as they communicate through a mystical object while Lizzie enjoys her summer vacation in Europe with her mother.

The Ascendant was introduced in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries as a device that can open portals to different dimensions. The Saltzman Sisters’ Aunt Bonnie revealed they created the relic when both girls were only five, with another Ascendant used to imprison the Gemini Coven leader Kai in a pocket reality.

With series protagonist Hope Mikaelson trapped in a separate reality by the end of Season 1, the newly rediscovered Ascendant could provide a means for her to return to her friends and family. However, as a consequence of Hope’s exile to save the Salvatore School, none of her classmates remembers her existence, adding a major complication to her rescue.

Legacies stars Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson, Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman, Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman, Quincy Fouse as Milton Greasley/MG, Aria Shahghasemi as Landon Kirby, Peyton Alex Smith as Rafael Waithe and Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman. Season 2 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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