The Big Bang Theory cast may have waved their heroes goodbye but they’re still as tight as it gets – evident by Mayim Bialik’s latest Instagram with two firm favourites of the series, Kev Sussman and Brian Posehn.

In the most exciting TV reunion since the Friends cast teamed up to break Instagram, Amy Farrah Fowler, Stuart Bloom and unsung hero Bert Kibbler came together for a catch up, and obviously the fandom went wild.

‘Caption this!’ wrote the 43-year-old. And her 3.4 million followers happily obliged.

Where is Sheldon!?’ cried one fan, which raises a good point…

But ‘Stuck between a rock and a hard up place,’ and ‘Rock paper scissors,’ were just two of the countless digs at Bert ‘the rock guy’. But all that pales into comparison of the real The Big Bang Theory reunion on the way which, honestly, couldn’t come soon enough.

Mayim and her former TV husband Jim Parsons recently announced they’ve teamed up as executive producers of the US adaptation of Miranda.

Alongside a photo with Jim, Mayim told fans: ‘Well, friends. Here’s what I’ve been doing and brewing…my friend and co-star, @therealjimparsons, and I are working together again!!! He and I are joining to executive produce a show for me to star in based on the BBC show “Miranda.”

‘It’s called “Carla” and it’s been an incredibly windy road to get here. SO worth it. We could not be more excited to work together and bring you this show which features SO MANY CATS!!!!

‘Here’s us at one of our pitches, uncannily and totally coincidentally dressed like salt and pepper shakers.

‘Link in my bio for all the exciting details!! #togetheragain#shamy #carla #cats @foxtv.’

Counting down the days already, guys.


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