It’s Sheldon Cooper’s birthday today and we can’t celebrate his special day without celebrating his popular Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper. The Big Bang Theory is one of those TV series we watch to feel comfortable. It is amazing how a series essentially about science, scientists and theories, turned out to be so much fun that even though its last episode aired on 16 May 2019, the fans still go back to the series and watch the whole thing again and again.

The show featured many characters that the fans continue to cherish and one of them is our very own scientist guy Sheldon, brilliantly played by Jim. Even with a straight face, this character contributed some of the most sarcastic and wittiest dialogues that make us laugh every time we watch the show. The character is not out typical protagonist who people appreciate for his charm, kindness and a huge heart. In fact, the people love the Nobel prize-winning Dr. Cooper despite and because of all the flaws in his character.

His analytical intelligence just did not leave any space for emotional intelligence and people loved him for who he was. In Fact, some of the most cherished moments from the show are when Sheldon shows the slightest of emotions for his friends, which was very rare and hence, all the more beautiful. As Jim turns 47, here are 5 reasons why we need a friend like Sheldon Cooper in our lives.

We will learn a LOT!

Although it would be impossible to match his level of intelligence and graduate college at 16, we will learn a lot with a genius by our side. He would even help us work hard and maybe even collect one or two degrees. Not to mention that we would get to test many scientific theories in practical.

We will spend a lot of time together

As emotionally available as Sheldon can get, one thing is for sure, he would never leave your side and if he wants to hang out with you, he will make sure he hangs out with you! It is as simple as that.

Life would be so much more organised

In every way possible. No mess, at all! In the show, if you recall, Sheldon literally had a panic attack when he saw Penny’s messy room. And you can trust him to force you into getting your life on track every time you mess things up.

A lot of written agreements

We will have a lot of agreements about all things important and some not-so-important too. The Sheldon always likes to seal the deal with agreements and it will be so much fun to read his bizarre clauses.

We will never shy away from doing crazy stuff

Bazinga! Since he does not care about how people find him weird, he does what he feels like, and we could learn a thing or two from him and embrace our inner child.


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