Indian weddings are known for their vibrant and lively celebrations, filled with various rituals that make them unforgettable. These customs are brimming with joy, energy, and excitement, and their videos often go viral on social media platforms.

One such video that has caught the attention of the internet features a unique twist to the traditional ‘Joota Chupai’ ritual. In this ritual, which takes place during the wedding, the groom’s shoes are hidden by the bride’s siblings, and he has to pay a sum of money to get them back.

However, in this particular video, the bride’s brother took the ritual to a whole new level by stealing the groom’s shoes while dressed up as a character from the popular show ‘Money Heist’.

The person who posted the video on Instagram wrote, “Bella Ciao to the joota. I didn’t want anything to be simple on my shaddi! So me and my sister came up with the joota heist idea, told our brother to grab a money heist costume from Amazon & my cousin rehearsed the entire thing! To say, everyone at the wedding enjoyed this segment the MOST!” The poster also thanked her brother for being a “great joota chor.”

The video has amassed over 3.3 million views, with many people praising the unique idea of adding a twist to the traditional ritual. The video showcases the fun and joy that weddings in India are known for, and it is no surprise that it has gone viral on social media.

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