Season 7 of Outlander approaches. Soon we’ll be watching Claire, Jamie and the rest of the Fraser family deal with the Revolutionary War. Outlander has been one of Starz’s flagship series for years, but even by its own lofty standards, season 7 feels special. It will span 16 episodes split into two parts, a strategy the show hasn’t taken since all the way back in 2014 with its first season.

“It’s such an epic season. The Revolutionary War has started. Our characters, Claire and Jamie, are caught up right in the middle of it, and I think this season is the most action, jam-packed, and sort of epic that we’ve done since season 1,” Claire Fraser actor Caitriona Balfe said on Live With Kelly & Mark. She quipped that season 7 will begin with Claire “in jail, which is always a good place to be,” so expect a rocky start for our favorite time-traveling heroine.

Caitriona Balfe is prepared to troll Sam Heughan as a director
Balfe will be directing an episode of Outlander for the first time on the series in season 7. She’s been at the center of the show since it started, so this is one of those moves that just makes total sense, especially considering that she’s been pushing for it for years.

“I’ve been asking for a while — it’s something I’ve been interested in,” Balfe said. “Our crew have been so supportive. We’ve been there 10 years, so they’re like a proper family. It’s just been amazing. I started doing some second unit already, and I’m going to do a full episode.”

The actor admitted that despite her excitement, she’s also “terrified” of the challenge. Still, she’s keeping a good sense of humor about it, joking that she told her longtime co-star Sam Heughan (Jamie) that he’d have to film all of his scenes in one long take.

It’s likely that Balfe’s episode will be in the second half of season 7, which will premiere in 2024. Until then, there’s plenty of drama ahead in the season’s first run of eight episodes, which begins airing later this month.

“[Claire’s] future is very precarious,” Balfe told Entertainment Weekly about season 7. “We don’t really know what’s going to happen. All we know is that the normal systems of law have broken down.”

Outlander season 7 premieres on June 16.


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