God’s long-awaited reunion with his son Lucifer in season 5b will undoubtedly go down as one of the most significant events in the show’s history. However, when they finally reconcile in the next season of the popular Netflix series, some surprising secrets about the devil’s banishment could come to light.

Lucifer fans have questioned whether the devil’s claims he is unable to return to Heaven are actually true. Set several millennia after his failed rebellion on the Silver City, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) was originally banished to watch over tortured souls in Hell.

Quickly going tired of punishing the damned in the Underworld, Lucifer decided to take an extended vacation on Earth since he was still barred from crossing the Pearly Gates. However, some fans have refuted his claims and speculated if God (Dennis Haysbert) has left the doors open for his return all this time.

In the run-up to the second half of season five releasing on Netflix this year, fans have been obsessing over what’s to come in the popular streaming series.

On Reddit, one fan speculated: “So, multiple times it’s been mentioned that Lucifer is unwelcome in heaven and that the gates are closed to him.

“That he can’t go back even if he wanted to. I’ve been thinking, what if that’s not true?”

Throughout the series, Lucifer has failed to get an answer from his estranged father, even during times of desperate need. At the end of last year’s midseason finale, God finally made himself known during a brawl between Lucifer, his twin brother Michael and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside).

With a major family reunion on the horizon, the ruler of creation could be about to make a surprising confession to his exiled son. The fan continued: “What if he is welcome in the silver city and dear old dad never locked him out? “Everyone, especially Lucifer, just assumed he did? And that the door has always been open to him, and he just never chose to check the lock?”

This would certainly be a surprising twist, as fans may have expected Lucifer to try to break through the gates of Heaven at least one more time since his banishment. Thankfully, this perceptive fan anticipated the potential plot hole and came up with a surprisingly convincing explanation. They continued: “Just like the residents of Hell, they are trapped there by their own guilt, and they can leave any time, but subconsciously choose not to.”

Lucifer has steadily grown more confident and human over the course of the series, but may have originally cast himself out, choosing to remain in Hell or on Earth due to his own guilt. While the likes of Amenadiel are free to traverse the different planes at will, he may also have not thought to ask if Lucifer is safe to return to the kingdom in the clouds.

No release date has been set for the rest of season five, but the next instalment will surely introduce some of the show’s biggest twists and reveals now God is on the scene. As Lucifer’s redemption starts to take shape, he may be granted the key back to the Silver City in just a few episodes’ time.

Source: express.co.uk