Leslie Shay quickly became a fan-favorite character in Chicago Fire. We would love nothing more than to see her back in the action. Will Lauren German return in Chicago Fire season 11?

If there is one character we quickly came to love, it was Leslie Shay. She played along with pranks, but she also focused on what was right and fair. We got a chance to see a wonderful friendship between her and Kelly Severide, even if it did have some difficult moments on both sides of the friendship.

There is no doubt that we’d love to see Leslie Shay back in action. German did go on to star in Lucifer on FOX and then on Netflix, but now that series has come to an end. Does it mean German can return for Chicago Fire season 11?

Why did Leslie Shay leave Chicago Fire?
Shay was written out of the story back in the second season. Well, technically it was the third season premiere. The second season ended with a major cliffhanger that saw the lives of various characters on the line. When we picked up with the third season, we learned that there was a fatality. Shay died.

Lauren German didn’t ask to leave the series. This was a creative decision by the writing team. Executive producer Matt Olmstead made it clear to TVLine that this wasn’t German’s decision, but she did take the exit like a pro.

In a way, it was an important creative decision. Firefighters do a dangerous job. While Shay is a paramedic, there are times when paramedics’ lives are on the line. The show had to make it clear that there were high stakes, and killing off a character early on in the series was the best way to do that.

Could Lauren German return to Chicago Fire season 11?
We did see German stick around for some episodes of season 3. She stuck around for flashbacks, and that is the only way we could see Shay return in Chicago Fire season 11. There’s simply no other way to bring back a deceased character in this series. It’s not like Supernatural where characters never stay dead!

It’s unlikely that this is going to happen, though. Shay’s memory has stayed alive, though. Her name is on the Ambo 61 door with Severide even purposely going back to get the door after the ambulance had been involved in an accident. There is no way he will allow Shay’s memory to disappear in the series.

Would you like to see Leslie Shay return to Chicago Fire? What did you think of the decision to write out the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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