It’s very hard to choose between these two characters because both of them or unique in their own way.

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Dean Winchester, from the moment of his debut, was shown to be an understanding, funny, mischievous, and, in contrast to his younger brother, a little immature. Dean’s shown countless times to be good with kids and the ladies. Dean is an avid fan of classic rock music. Many of his aliases have included the names of famous rock musicians. He is known to use crude humor, use pop culture references, make sexual innuendos, and indulge in pornography (especially about Busty Asian Beauties).

Ella (Lucifer)

Ella is funny and goofy. Ella quickly became a fan favorite because of her Humour and kindness. She work as a forensic scientist for the Los Angles Police Department and she’s very good at her job.

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