Lucifer season 6 finale spoilers follow.

Lucifer has had more lives than a bag of cats, but the finale is finally upon us with a bittersweet ending that’s sure to keep every fan happy. It gave us some laughs, some tears and more than one final shot of Tom Ellis’s bum. But there’s no doubt that this is, for sure, the finale, and there’ll be no more resurrections for the devil-done-good.

So, what exactly happened? Essentially, a lot of sentimental fanfare, but that’s actually a good thing. Lucifer did what other shows have failed to do, which is provide a satisfying ending – one that may be sweeter than a Christmas chocolate stash but was perfectly suited to the show as a whole.

Tissues at the ready, folks – here’s the full breakdown.

Major Daddy Issues

So first major bit of news out the way – Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) only went and managed to conceive a daughter. Her name is Aurora (Brianna Hildebrand) – Rory for short – and boy, does she take after her dad in the abandonment-issues stakes.

In fact, the only thing more razor-sharp than her tongue is her killer set of wings, which are made up entirely of bladed feathers. (To be fair, these look awesome, but we wouldn’t want to be near them).

Rory travelled back in time in order to kill her father, who apparently disappeared off the face of the Earth right after her conception, never to be seen again. She even knows the date and his last location: August 4th, at 10th and Swanson.

Lucifer and Chloe refuse to believe this and instead spend most of season six trying to prove her wrong. Mostly, they succeed, but confusion sets in with the knowledge that, because Rory continues to exist, her timeline remains fixed in place.

When the day rolls around, Lucifer is so desperate to break the timeline that he creates his own panic room to protect his family and run out the clock. Unfortunately for him, fate is more than a little bit against him.

A Final Farewell

Meanwhile, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is finally able to get into Heaven, but in classic Dan style, this doesn’t happen easily. Trapped as a ghost for most of the season, he manages to insert himself into the body of Le Mec, the French gangster who murdered Dan, and is now on the run after escaping prison.

Turning to Lucifer for help on the morning of August 4, he first has to convince him that a) he’s not the man who killed his friend, and b) that he needs his help to escape. Lucifer agrees, but before he does, encourages Dan to visit his daughter Trixie one last time, now that he’s finally able to hug her.

What comes next is possibly the most tear-jerking moment of the entire show. We’ve warned you.

But first, after being raised with two detective parents and a demon for a babysitter, Trixie is no idiot. When Dan/Le Mec tries to hug her, she immediately cries ‘stranger danger’ and knocks him to the floor. We always knew she’d grow up to be a badass.

Dan does at least manage to talk her into believing that he’s a friend of her dad’s but angers her when he suggests that Dan wasn’t a worthy father. Trixie tells him to take it back, explaining that she was proud of her dad and that even though he made mistakes, his willingness to be better made him the role model she needed.

Content that he hadn’t let his little girl down, Dan is finally free of his biggest guilt – and with that, he’s finally allowed to go to Heaven. However, by doing so, a massive mess quickly occurs, because it turns out Le Mec was still present within his own body when Dan took it over – and now he’s back in control, he knows exactly how to kill off Lucifer, and his weak spot… Rory.

Time’s Up

Lucifer and Chloe manage to run out the clock to midnight on August 4th, and between them they’re smug that they have made it and ‘broke the timeline’.

Turns out: not so much, and now a kidnapped Rory is at 10th and Swanson being darted by Le Mec and his cohorts, who are pulling her wings off to use against Lucifer.

The pair immediately head down to the warehouse where she’s being kept, defeating Le Mec’s goons without issue, and go to save their daughter.

Unfortunately, Chloe is shot in the process, and while she’s alive, Lucifer is very much on a time limit to get both his love and his daughter out of there.

Le Mec is on a mission to kill Lucifer because, after Dan’s death, he had whispered something in his ear that had been driving him to insanity ever since. Lucifer reveals it’s his own guilt that did it, but Le Mec refuses to believe it.

Lucifer offers to prove it by handing over the truth about what he desires most (get ready for a second round of tears), and admits that all he wants is to be a good father to Rory, and how knowing he somehow lets her down has been killing him. Rory, spurred on by her dad’s rousing speech, breaks free from her chains and begins to choke Le Mec out, but as she does so, her own devil face begins to emerge.

Lucifer encourages Rory to stop, convincing her there was another way and there was no going back from murder. She releases Le Mec, but he is shot by Chloe when he tries to kill them anyway. He falls back onto a table of Rory’s feathers, and the man is a goner. The family reunited, leave.

Not quite a fairytale ending

Unfortunately for Lucifer, Rory and Chloe, their happiness is short-lived. Returning to Lucifer’s apartment, the family share a heartfelt moment together, with Chloe discovering Dan had finally made it to Heaven.

In fact, everyone they know who’s managed to make it from Hell to Heaven has done so with Lucifer’s help. This, as it turns out, was his true life’s purpose all along. But Rory realises this is why he has to leave her, with Chloe a willing accomplice in turning her into the person she becomes by lying about where Lucifer actually is.

Unwittingly, Rory has manifested her own childhood trauma – but now knows that this is all part of a bigger and better plan for all of them.

Forcing Lucifer to give his word that he won’t change anything in the timeline so she remains the same, Rory finally returns home. Lucifer and Chloe then also say their goodbyes, and Lucifer returns to Hell, knowing that he will be reunited with Chloe in 20 years’ time.

What the future holds

In a montage of the years that follow, we discover that every member of the gang gets their happy ending.

Mazikeen and Eve spend their days fighting crime and looking after Rory. Chloe returns to work at the LAPD, becoming a Lieutenant.

Amenadiel assumes his position as God, but works with his angel siblings to create a better balance so he can continue to spend time to Earth… Which is pretty handy as he and Linda’s son, Charlie, finally sprouts wings on his second birthday.

Ella Lopez finally finds love with a good guy, and launches a STEM initiative for young girls after Lucifer creates a charity for her as a parting gift.

And Dan is now happy and eating a lifetime supply of pudding cups in heaven after reuniting with his love, Charlotte.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Lucifer has taken a leaf out of doctor Linda’s book – and is now a therapist to the damned in a bid to help them out of their hell loops. But that’s easier said than done.

However, one day he gets a knock at the door. It’s Chloe, who has come to him following her tragic death on Earth. Though the reunion is anything other than sad, with her declaring she “wondered if he needed a partner”. Cue the big final kiss, and the door is literally shut on the Lucifer world forever.

Lucifer ended on a sickly-sweet note, but was absolutely perfect fan service for those that fought for the show for so long. It also leaves no room for a comeback, with the series finally getting the finale it deserves after no less than three cancellation attempts. Lucifans have earned these scenes of happiness for the characters that they have loved. And while yes, it’s cheesy, it’s also pretty near perfect.

Adios, El Diablo. It’s been one Hell of a wild ride.

Lucifer seasons 4, 5 and 6 are available to watch now on Netflix.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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