LUCIFER is set to return to Netflix soon, but in the meantime the Biblical drama has become one of the best series to stream during the coronavirus lockdown. As fans revisit older episodes some strange inconsistencies have been spotted.

The action drama, originally on Fox, is set to return with its first slate of eight episodes on Netflix later this year. During the lengthy hiatus, devoted Lucifer fans have been looking back at earlier episodes and questioning some aspects about its ambiguous supernatural rules.

Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) began the series having taken a vacation to Earth against his father, God’s wishes.

Upon reaching the mortal plane the former ruler of Hell quickly established himself as an LA playboy and opened up his very own nightclub in the heart of the city.

However, things took a turn for the strange when he bumped into the tough and beautiful detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), and convinced the LAPD to take him on as a homicide consultant.

From the beginning of the first season, Lucifer has been questioning why Chloe seems to render his devilish invulnerability useless, demonstrated when she shoots her new partner in the leg and he bleeds for the first time in his very long life.



The answer was revealed in season three, when Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) confirmed she had been blessed as a child, but there are still some questions yet to be answered regarding Lucifer and Chloe’s tangled fate.

For example, some ‘Lucifans’ are still unsure whether Chloe’s presence leaves him merely susceptible to pain, or if she diminishes his supernatural abilities entirely.

One fan took to Reddit to question exactly how Lucifer’s strength in close proximity to his detective partner actually works.

Redditor Aloen2306 asked: “How did Lucifer go from throwing a guy through a window (love that scene) without blinking to be beaten by an older fat lady?”

Lucifer’s season two premiere, It’s All Coming Up Lucifer, revitalised the series after its equally thrilling first outing.

As Lucifer and Chloe investigate the death of a stand-in actress, the team also deal with the absence of Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and have their faith tested by new forensic specialist Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia).

However, the episode took a violent turn when Lucifer confronted a suspected murderer and was shocked when her attack with a metal poker caused him some serious damage.

Another fan was quick to point out Chloe had just arrived on the scene, leaving Lucifer weakened.

They replied: “He didn’t know that Chloe found the murderer too. He thought he was invulnerable so he let her hit him with the poker and because Chloe was knocking at the door he got nearly unconscious.”

However, other ‘Lucifans’ weren’t completely convinced this explanation entirely aligns with other depictions of Lucifer’s strength in the series.

The original poster responded: “In season 4 he held a car when Chloe was around and when he threw the guy through the window Chloe was literally right next to him.”

While one more fan said: “It’s a valid point. Being near Chloe doesn’t make him any less strong. His strength is treated inconsistently, especially early on.

“I think as others have said, you can rationalize it by saying he received a head injury and maybe that affected his strength.”

Thankfully, later seasons of the series have cleared up how Lucifer’s strength works, though these inconsistencies still make for confusing viewing when fans return to earlier instalments.

Dennis Haysbert will join the cast of Lucifer as God in season four, so viewers are hoping the introduction of the devil’s father can clear up some of the show’s biggest omissions.