CBS’s Fire Country dives into the world of firefighting in Northern California. Max Thieriot stars as Bode Donovan in the drama (premiering October 7), in addition to executive producing, and he’s joined by Billy Burke, Diane Farr, Jordan Calloway, Kevin Alejandro, Jules Latimer, and more.

Fire Country centers the men and women who battle the blazes in Northern California as members of Cal Fire — and the inmates who join the effort to reduce their prison time.

“We want you to feel like the danger is ever present,” says executive producer Tia Napolitano of this twist-filled drama.

Here, she introduces the firefighters and prisoner pairs viewers will meet in the series premiere.

Bode (Max Thieriot)
Midway through a sentence for armed robbery, the genuinely remorseful parole rejectee signs up for the inmate firefighter program — not thinking he’ll end up at the camp in his hometown.
“It’s a nontraditional homecoming,” says Napolitano. “He has to face his mistakes to move forward.”
Vince (Billy Burke)
This passionate third-generation Cal Fire-man doesn’t want to climb the ladder to an administrative position; he opts to serve as chief of Edgewater’s Battalion 1608 “because you can get your hands dirty,” Napolitano says. “He likes to be boots on the ground.”
Sharon (Diane Farr)
The no-nonsense division chief outranks Vince, her spouse.
“This is a couple who has found the sweet spot of how to be husband and wife at home and coworkers at work,” notes Napolitano. That said, “We’ll see them struggle.”
Manny (Kevin Alejandro)
As the captain overseeing the Edgewater inmate firefighter crew, he keeps the men in line but also plays mentor.
“He believes in second chances and susses out what these guys need to work the program and to find redemption,” the producer says.
Eve (Jules Latimer)
Unlike Manny, a recent transplant, Eve is an Edgewater native. A skilled firefighter under Vince’s command, she is grieving the loss of a close friend.
“She’s stuck in the past, but in the pilot we see her realize it’s time to move on,” Napolitano teases.
Jake (Jordan Calloway)
This calendar-ready firefighter came to Edgewater as a teen. He works alongside best friend Eve, maintains and drives Battalion 1608’s truck and dates Manny’s daughter, Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila), an Olympic diver who’s made a splash in town.


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