Peaky Blinders actor Joe Cole has said he “got out at a good time” after being killed off as John Shelby in season 4.

Sitting down with Digital Spy for a chat recently, Joe revealed he has “nothing but positive feeling and gratitude for that show,” and enjoyed “the most amazing time” while playing Tommy Shelby’s youngest brother.

“I actually think I got out at a good time because I think it gives a good opportunity for other actors to come in, and some of the younger guys to have more to do,” he added.

Reflecting on his fame thanks to the gangster drama, Joe also clearly appreciates the way fans interact with him out and about.

“The response I get on the street for that show is just unreal. I can’t tell you. It’s unreal. And the comment I get most of the time is: ‘I can’t believe you died. You shouldn’t have died. Why did you have to die? We loved your character.’

“And that is all you can ask for as an actor. That is all you can ask for. They’re not coming up to me and going, ‘Are you still in Peaky Blinders?’ They’re not saying that to me.”

Joe further explained: “I made the decision [to leave]. I’ve got a lot of love for those guys, and I think it’s an incredible show.

“That’s what I want to be part of. I want to be part of an incredible show and great television. So you can’t complain about that, can you? [laughs].”


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