The famous actor Ian Somerhalder just uploaded in his IG, cute photos of his quarantine partner

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Ian Somerhalder more know as Damon Salvatore from his role in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ wishes us good luck and to stay safe.

The description of the Photos is – “My quarantine buddy… We’re staying safe but surrounded by creatures. I hope everyone is doing the absolute best they can in these unprecedented times.
I’m going off grid for a bit with family and our creatures to recalibrate and simply turn off technology. We so very much need the media in our world to report truthfully and while its incredibly important to stay informed; its ALSO crucial to your healthy and sanity to also detach. Thank you to all of you out there working tirelessly to help people. Good luck everyone, I wish us all the best. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay kind, stay active,
Love- Ian”

The photos are below:

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