Less than 2 weeks left for Money Heist Season 4 to release! As you may already know, it is set to release on April 3rd, this year on Netflix.

The trailer for season 4 of Money Heist premiered on the 5th of March. Take your first look at what could be expected from the upcoming season, if you haven’t so yet!

The trailer shows Tokyo telling the story that the Professor has lost his mind. We also get a first look at what’s going to happen to Raquel. She’s given the chance to take her old life back in the next season.

What can we expect from ‘Money Heist’ Season 4?
The creators of the show stated, “I think the next season will be a bombshell for many reasons. We came from the third season with a feeling of vertigo, because it was the first one we produced for Netflix, we had used up the first robbery and we had to show that we could design a new one with more adrenaline and strength.”

They also added, “I think we were so worried that we got a lot of rhythm and milestones. In this fourth season what we propose is to stop a little, lower the piston to be able to dramatically savor some characters and then return to hit a burst in a part of the middle of the season. It is a very special season to be able to taste it and with very powerful bombs.”

Is the fourth season going to be the most exciting so far?

Money Heist Season 4- Cast
For the series, the cast was confirmed in the latest teaser for the fourth season.

Tokio (played by cliprsula Corberó), teacher (Álvaro Morte is shown), Lisboa (Itziar Ituño), Río (Miguel Herran), and more will be seen.

There were some twists about Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and Nairobi (Alba Flores), whose fate was unclear at the end of the three.

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