Fans are confused about why Lucifer has white wings.
Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) has had a complicated relationship with his wings ever since the first episode aired on FOX. They have been a key storyline throughout the show so far but there remains a lot of mystery surrounding why they are a certain colour and why this is different from his siblings. Thankfully, some fans have come up with their own theories about this – here’s what you need to know.
Why are only Lucifer’s wings white?
In the Netflix hit series Lucifer, viewers have seen plenty of angels so far.
Whether this is the titular devil or one of his many siblings who have visited him on Earth.
However, each character has different colour wings when they show them in the series.
When Amenadiel (DB Woodside) is introduced, his wings are dark grey in colour while Michael’s (Ellis) in season five are a distinct black.
Lucifer’s are also the only of his siblings to be white, which has left some confused.
This is especially true as they do seem to hold meaning in the television series.
When Lucifer begins to lose the ability to control his devil face, his wings become devilish black variations as well.
This came when he was losing his grip on his morality as well as being unable to accept who he really was.
There are a lot of theories about what the colouring could actually mean in the show.
Posting on Reddit, user Jerryc17 speculated it may have something to do with sin.
They wrote: “In season one, the first appearance of Amenadiel, his wings are darkish grey.
“Amenadiel’s only goal is to make his father be proud of him, he only does things his father commands him to and nothing more.
“In season two, Amenadiel goes to his office as Dr Canaan, as he goes to the mirror, he pops out his wings and it’s dying.
“This is maybe from the sins he committed. He was so focused on making his father proud of him that he forgets the things that he is doing is reckless (Bringing a corrupt cop from the dead and using that corrupt cop to kill Lucifer).”
However, other fans think there could be different reasons the wings are all different colours.
Fan KneelNotKneal theorised: “I think every angel has different coloured wings.
“Like the hair on their head or their eye colour. Not tied to sins it’s just a body part.”
While user iamqueen_123 wrote: “I think their wings more or less represent the angel themselves in the sense of their purpose or power.
“Amenadiel had different colours of wings but it was mostly dark (his current is black).
“I read somewhere that it was supposed to symbolise him being God’s great warrior and that the dark colour of his wings was like a sign of strength.”
A final theory comes from Alexpaul1994 who added: “The white Wings show superiority I think and who has ever been in their true self except for Lucifer?”
So far in the show, the exact meanings behind the wings have not yet been addressed.
However, with the second half of season five on its way and a final sixth season as well, it seems possible this could be resolved very soon.