While Supernatural may have come to an end last year, it seems the show’s stars still have each other’s backs.
Case in point: Jared Padalecki, whose first major show since the CW series ended, Walker –a reimagining of Walker, Texas Ranger – made its debut last night (January 21), and both Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have sent their love over.
Taking to his Instagram, the Dean Winchester actor said: “Go get ’em cowboy. @thecwwalker starts tonight starring this guy I know. @jaredpadalecki I better see some sweet roundhouse kicks!!!”
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Meanwhile, Jared and Jensen’s on-screen dad Jeffrey (aka John Winchester), tweeted: “Just wanted to say congrats to my boy @jarpad.
“I’m damn proud of him for bringing #Walker back to life as the man, and the exec producer. Well done. And @GenPadalecki to boot?! Pretty damn cool. Love you.”
Jared recently opened up about the new series, which sees him play a widowed officer who struggles to reconnect with his children after returning home following a long work assignment.
Comparing the role to Sam Winchester from Supernatural, however, the actor admitted they couldn’t be more different.
“This version of Walker is so crystal clear and different than Sam Winchester that I’d have to try really hard to kind of bleed the two together,” he said.
“It was a lot of work, but it was a seamless change from 15 years on Supernatural as Sam Winchester to the next 15 years on Walker as Cordell Walker.”

Source: digitalspy.com