Sam Heughan is teaming with STARZ for a third time with a production. It’s all about the new show The Couple Next Door. How many episodes will the psychological thriller have?

As Outlander starts to come to an end, the stars are looking at other projects. Sam Heughan has landed a new leading role as Danny in The Couple Next Door. He’ll play an alpha cop who has an illicit romantic night with his new neighbor Evie (Eleanor Tomlinson).

This psychological thriller promises us plenty of twists and turns. It’s going to be some time before we see how it all plays out. What we do know is just how many episodes there will be in the story.

The Couple Next Door episode count
The series, which is a joint venture between STARZ and Channel 4 in the UK, will have six episodes.

This isn’t to say it will be six and that’s it. There are no signs that this is billed as a miniseries (or a limited series, as it’s often referred to over here). It could be. We know that Sam Heughan has done a few limited series and smaller roles as he branches out into movies.

For now, the story is a six-part one that tells the story of Evie and Pete (Alfred Enoch), who move into a new neighborhood. They immediately start curtain twitching as the neighborhood is a higher class than they’re used to, and now they feel the need to fit in.

Danny is one of their neighbors. He has a gorgeous yoga instructor wife, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for him. Danny and Evie have a romantic night together, leading to a lot of secrets needing to be kept. It’s one night that changes everything.


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