Supernatural’s final episode, titled “Carry On,” sent the fan base reeling into chaos with Jensen Ackles’ character Dean seemingly dying a permanent death. The episode received a mixed reaction from fans, with some feeling disappointment about one of the Winchester brothers being killed off, while others understood that, though heart-wrenching, it served as an understandable and appropriate ending for the character. However, fans found themselves completely unified over a different character’s death when, two episodes prior, Misha Collins’ Castiel arrived at a tragic ending that felt cruel, ill-timed, unnecessary, and unfair.

Fans were devastated near the end of Season 15, when Castiel sacrificed himself to defeat “the Empty,” immediately creating a void that resonated deeply with the Supernatural fan base and left many either longing for closure or a continuation of his story. Introduced as an angelic warrior in Season 4, Castiel’s journey throughout Supernatural was one of profound evolution. Initially an unwavering soldier of Heaven, he defied celestial orders to help the Winchesters, forming a bond that transcended duty. His loyalty, unwavering support, and quirky sense of humor made him endearing to fans, which resulted in him becoming a beloved member of the Winchester family.

Throughout the series, he developed a profound bond with the Winchesters, particularly Dean. Their dynamic, shifting from reluctant allies to genuine friends, resonated deeply with viewers. A potential Season 16 of Supernatural could explore Castiel’s return from the Empty, offering an opportunity to address unresolved questions about his fate and relationship with Dean. But beyond personal closure, Castiel’s return could also introduce new storylines with endless opportunities to explore his dynamics with Jack (Alexander Calvert), the Supernatural universe’s newest God.

Castiel’s Return on ‘Supernatural’ Could Deepen the Narrative
Castiel’s relationship with the Winchesters was a cornerstone of the series. Particularly with Dean, their relationship went from initial clashes to unwavering camaraderie. Their bond developed organically, defying labels and becoming a pillar of strength in the face of countless struggles. Castiel’s presence not only provided the Winchesters with crucial aid but also challenged their perspectives and enriched their lives.

While the Supernatural creators never explicitly confirmed a romantic relationship between Castiel and Dean, their bond resonated deeply with a significant portion of the fandom, particularly LGBTQ+ viewers who found representation in their subtextual connection. Throughout the series, Castiel’s unwavering devotion to Dean often transcends the boundaries of traditional friendship. His actions, like defying Heaven and enduring immense suffering for Dean, hint at deeper feelings. Dean, in turn, displays a possessiveness and protectiveness towards Castiel that could mirror romantic love. Their moments of intimacy, though subtle, held significant weight for fans yearning for queer representation on television.

For many LGBTQ+ viewers, Castiel and Dean’s relationship offered a rare glimpse of two complex and nuanced characters whose sexuality was not the focus of their character development. Their bond provided a sense of hope and validation, fostering a sense of community among fans who identified with their struggles and saw themselves reflected in the characters’ journeys. The lack of explicit confirmation surrounding Castiel and Dean’s relationship left many fans yearning for closure. A potential Season 16 could not only address unanswered questions about Castiel’s fate but also offer a more definitive exploration of the nature of his bond with Dean. This could be a successful narrative to explore, especially with the LGBTQ+ fans who invested heavily in their relationship, hoping for a sense of validation and fulfilling a desire for representation that was often absent on mainstream television.

Moreover, the archangel’s return in Season 16 could present an opportunity to focus on Dean’s character and delve deeper into the complexities of his relationship with Castiel. This new relationship dynamic could become a plot device needed to explore an important part of Dean’s personal journey. Regardless, if their bond blossoms into a full-fledged romance or remains an unspoken profound connection, exploring its nuances would spice the narrative and resonate with fans who find solace and inspiration in their characters.

Castiel’s return, coupled with a deeper exploration of his relationship with Dean, could hold immense significance for Supernatural’s legacy and its fans. It would provide a chance to not only revisit the core themes that resonated throughout the series, but also to acknowledge the profound impact the show had on the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a story waiting to be told — a narrative that could offer closure, ignite conversation, and leave a lasting legacy.

Castiel’s Return Matters More Than Fan Service
Beyond personal closure, Castiel’s return in any future Supernatural revivals could introduce new storylines. As Jack assumes the mantle of God, Castiel’s celestial experience and unwavering sense of justice could make him a valuable advisor and confidante. His experience, encompassing both the grace-fueled power of angels and the vulnerability of humanity due to his time spent as a human vessel, would prove invaluable to Jack. It would also provide an opportunity to explore the complexities of Jack’s role as God, the potential consequences of his choices, and the guidance Castiel could offer as both a seasoned warrior and a figure who understands the significance of free will.

Castiel’s unique perspective, forged through countless battles alongside the Winchesters, would help him guide Jack. He could act as a sounding board, helping Jack navigate the ethical dilemmas and unforeseen consequences that come with maintaining the delicate balance of the universe, while also reminding him of the importance of the “free will” that Castiel cherishes deeply. There would be endless possibilities for the duo’s adventures. For the fans, the two serviced comic-relief plotlines in previous seasons, and those could also make a comeback with Castiel’s return.

If Supernatural does come back, Castiel’s return is not merely a response to fan sentiment — it is a narrative necessity. His presence would reignite the core themes of Supernatural: love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of family. His presence would provide emotional closure, reignite the show’s core themes of love and sacrifice, and introduce fresh storylines that explore the complexities of the Supernatural world and the characters we love.


By Damyan Ivanov

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