It’s been a few years since Supernatural ended, but the show’s fanbase is still going strong.

Recently, one of the Supernatural fans on Reddit posed the question: who do fans think is the best actor in the show? And the answer was almost unanimous.

According to the fans, Jensen Ackles emerges as the clear winner. His portrayal of Dean Winchester received widespread praise.

Despite not receiving any awards recognition, Jensen Ackles’ performance as Dean Winchester on Supernatural has left a lasting impact on the show’s devoted fanbase. His ability to convey a range of emotions through his eyes, body language, and facial expressions has helped to bring the character of Dean to life, making the show feel more real and engaging for viewers. Jensen’s talent for conveying emotion has also been noted by fans, who have praised his ability to bring them to tears with his performances in certain episodes.

Despite this praised performance, Jensen Ackles never received any recognition from award shows like the Emmys. Supernatural was largely ignored by Primetime Emmys, getting only 2 nominations in 15 years (Outstanding Music Composition for the pilot episode and Outstanding Sound Editing for episode ” Jus In Bello”).

However, some fans believe that Jensen deserved it, with one fan saying, “There were moments I felt Jensen Ackles deserved consideration for some award because of his performance.”

While Jensen Ackles may not have received any awards recognition for his role on Supernatural, it is clear that his talent as an actor is undeniable. His performance as Dean Winchester will be remembered by fans for years to come, and his impact on the show will be felt long after it has ended. Whether he receives any awards in the future or not, Jensen Ackles has already proven himself to be a talented and enduring performer, and his work on Supernatural will always be remembered as one of his greatest achievements.

Misha Collins took second place in the poll, with many fans praising his ability to nail the various characters and personalities he played on the show. Jared Padalecki, who played Sam Winchester, also received praise from fans, with one fan saying, “Jared as soulless Sam was also incredible, he pulled it off perfectly.”

Overall, it seems that the Supernatural cast was full of talented actors, but Jensen Ackles stands out as the standout performer in the eyes of the show’s devoted fanbase.

By Damyan Ivanov

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