Netflix pulled the plug on Warrior Nun this week after a two-season run, immensely disappointing the fans of the show hoping to see a third season. Of course, that news was also hard on the cast and crew with showrunner Simon Berry expressing his dismay on social media. But not all hope is lost for seeing new episodes, as fans have been trying to convince Netflix to reverse course by getting the hashtag #SaveWarriorNun trending.

Lesley-Ann Brandt, who starred as Maze across all six seasons of Lucifer, has taken notice of the fans’ efforts to save Warrior Nun and stepped in to help spread the word and support. “Lucifer 2.0. Massive international fan base with so much story left to tell. Hoping it works out for everyone involved,” Brandt tweeted in response to a tweet from the Warrior Nun showrunner’s thanks to the fans’ support.

Of course, Lucifer managed to evade cancellation twice with Netflix saving the show after FOX canceled it after three seasons and then ordering a sixth season after what was intended to be its final season. So Brandt’s dubbing of Warrior Nun as Lucifer 2.0 is a clear reference to her desire to see the show beat the odds as Lucifer did in order to get a second lease on life.

The support shown by Brandt sent fans into a frenzy with fans quickly jumping in to thank her for the love given to the show.

By Damyan Ivanov

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