Supernatural Jensen Ackles or more known as Dean Winchester took “baby” to celebrate Nationalsmallbusinessday.

The actor just shared in his social media profiles photos how and where he celebrates Nationalsmallbusinessday.

The description of Jensen Ackeles’ post is -“To celebrate #nationalsmallbusinessday I thought I’d take “baby” for a drive and tell you about some very dear friends of mine. Kevin, one of my groomsmen, (there are no stories…I promise 😏) and his wife Hilary, own a beautiful little jewelry store in Vail, Co. @squashblossomvail Like many, this year has been tough on the shop and they are doing their best to hang in there. If you’re looking for gifts (as some do this time of year)…please check them out. It’s where I go.”

You can find his photos below:


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