Stranger Things is one of several shows whose productions have been halted due to the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic, as Netflix is returning with Stranger Things fourth season of great success in the world. After Season 3 talks about such an emotional and explosive note, the hype for the next part is high, and a star of the show promises that Stranger 4 will be the scariest yet.

Joe Keery, who plays fan favourite Steve Harrington, recently spoke to offer a few words about stranger Things Season 4. The actor said Duffers had given creators another great story, this time there is nothing to fear.

As Keery stated that -“I know I say it every year, but in comparison to previous years, it will be much scarier than the last season as the last was very dark. So definitely year and this season is gonna be the scariest one.”

As Keery reminds us, Season 3 was very dark. Although the gang managed to prevent Russian scientists from conducting their experiments on the reverse under Hawkins, it came at a high cost, as the Hopper died in the explosion while closing the door of up-side-down. A heartbroken Joyce walks away from the city, takes her children Will and Jonathan, as well as Eleven and separates from the group.

However, we do know that Hopper was alive, thanks to the first teaser for Season 4 that was back online in February. This showed that the Chief of Police has been retired to Russia and is currently a labour worker/prisoner. Somehow he will travel around the world and return to Hawkins. According to Carey, with a lot of fear on the way.

And as expected Stranger Things Season 4 would premiere by the last of the yea if everything goes out well. Rest hope for the best.