Riverdale Season 4: Okay, so every time we run out of the news, there is either some theory related to Riverdale or some news related to the star cast. Today, we have a story related to one of the hottest actors on the show. Yes, you guessed it right, KJ Apa is the one we are talking about. The man, he has quite a fan following and that too especially female fans. The actor recently revealed that his favourite Netflix show is Sex Education.

Are They Not In Competition? (Riverdale Season 4)

We thought that Riverdale and Sex Education competed with each other. Although Sex Education is two seasons behind and Riverdale has already gained so many viewers, Sex Education has more hype. KJ Apa, who is one of the lead stars of Riverdale himself, told that he loves tha show. Now, what will the creators of Riverdale tell him, will they ask him to put the post down, will they be okay with it?

We don’t know, but we think they will be okay with it. KJ said what he feels, and it was his comment, and the makers of the show cannot force him to say or not say something that he does not feels like. This is an individual opinion, even the lead actor of Sex Education has the right to say that he loves some other show.

What Is Going To Happen With The Remaining Episodes Of Riverdale?

Remaining episodes of Riverdale will release at the exact dates when they should. The makers have a plan, and they will follow it. The episodes will first release on The CW and then after one day on Netflix. The show will not get delayed because of coronavirus, and all the episodes are ready, they will also edit them soon. This is the reason why it will not get delayed.

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