Since its premiere in Netflix, on October 14, 2022, “Sagrada Familia” has positioned itself in the Top 10 of the most popular series on the streaming platform, due to its intriguing story and the acclaimed performances ofNajwa Nimri, Alba Flores and the rest of the cast.

Spanish fiction created byManolo Carofollows Gloria, a woman who lives in the Madrid neighborhood of Fuente del Berro to escape her past and hide a terrible secret. In order not to arouse her suspicions, she maintains a good relationship with her neighbors, which complicates her plans.

In an interview withThe confidential, the director and the protagonists of “Sagrada Familia” they told some details of the series that according to Caro, “ very easy to conceive in terms of the concept ”. For example, Alba Flores talked about her character’s accent and her reunion with Najwa Nimri .

The Spanish actress who achieved international fame forhis role as Nairobi in the successful series “La casa de papel”plays Caterina/Edurne in “Sagrada Familia”. She is about a new neighbor who joins Gloria’s group of friends and like Najwa Nimri’s character, she hides a secret.

dawn flowersShe told the aforementioned medium that it was she who insisted on Caterina’s accent. “ Above all it was because it seemed to me that she was such a strange character that I did not find many references. I tried to find people who were dedicated to that, but there weren’t, and even fewer women. So I said ‘ok, well she’s weird, she’s someone very particular’. I seriously proposed it to Manolo and then, very correctly, they directed me to become just another mask ”.

“ Although we don’t know much about his life, we do get to know what kind of person he is, or at least how he likes to do things, because he mainly has fun. And I think that was also interesting for the viewer to have fun. I said ‘it’s going to seem strange to them, then they’ll come in and say, come on, let’s play with you, I’m going to swallow it’, and then turn everything around again. In order not to offend anyone we decided to make a mix of various accents , ”she explained.

He also confessed that his peculiar accent became a problem when it came time to shoot scenes that didn’t include him. “ I remember the day we recorded the sequence where my character no longer has an accent and I felt that I wasn’t putting it, but they stopped me and told me that yes, I was putting it. It was like impossible to take it off and I had to put another accent to take the accent off because there was something weird if he made it neutral. It has been a lot of fun playing dress-up , ”said Alba Flores .

The reunion with Najwa Nimri
Regarding the reunion with Nimri, she said: “ We are lucky because having an artistic partner with whom from time to time you go from one project to another coincides as it is no longer fashionable. I also think that little by little we are learning what it means, how to put it in favor of the series and what we are creating. In addition, the public already knows what is between us and that adds up in all aspects. It is a wonderful path in which we are reinventing ourselves ”.

For her part, the protagonist of “ Sagrada Familia ” indicated: “ What I know is that with Alba, in the breaks, there are jokes and laughter from the punching compadreo. We understand each other from a very visceral sense and that relaxes me a lot. I don’t find many actors that I can relate to from such a site .”

Original Title: Holy Family
Year: 2022
Country: Spain
Direction: Manolo Caro
Screenplay: Manolo Caro, Fernando Perez, Maria Miranda
Music: Lucas Vidal
Photography: Pablo Diez
Cast: Najwa Nimri, Alba Flores, Álex García, Macarena Gómez, Carla Campra, Iván Pellicer, Ella Kweku, Álvaro Rico, Laura Laprida, Gemma Solé, José Emilio Vera, Patricia García Quirós, Pol Hermoso
Production company: Noc Noc Cinema, Netflix Spain
Distributor: Netflix

“Sagrada familia” is available on Netflix from October 14, 2022 , therefore, to watch the new Manolo Caro series you only need a subscription to the popular streaming platform.


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