Bobby and Rufus were a fan-favorite duo in Supernatural. Could we see the two characters appear in The Winchesters? Is that even possible?

The benefit of a Supernatural prequel is that there’s a chance for a few fan-favorite characters to return. There’s no denying that fans would have loved to see a Rufus and Bobby spin-off series. We would still love to see some of the things the two hunters got up to in their younger years.

Now there’s a chance. The Winchesters opens the door for a few characters from Supernatural to return, and that includes Bobby and Rufus.

Will Bobby and Rufus be in The Winchesters?
At the moment, there is no word on characters who will return. We know that we’ll see Samuel Campbell and Henry Winchester, but we have no idea if anyone else will come back into the story. That doesn’t mean we won’t see some fan favorites.

It’s certainly plausible for Bobby and Rufus to come back. We know from Supernatural that John and Bobby were friends. Bobby was like a father to Sam and Dean. He even made sure they had some fun rather than just learning about hunting. However, we also know that Bobby only got into the hunting game after his wife was possessed.

For Bobby to turn up at this point, he’d need to be a widower already. Supernatural has never been completely clear on Bobby’s timeline, so it is possible we see it.

As for Rufus, we have very little information about him except that he and Bobby used to work together. Is it possible that they worked with the Campbells from time to time?

Of course, there’s no guarantee that The Winchesters will even follow the Supernatural canon already set up for the two hunters. We’ve already seen some changes, and it’s possible the series is set in one of the alternate worlds. This could allow the writers to recreate Bobby and Rufus’s stories, which could allow them to come into everything in 1972.

Who would you like to see return in The Winchesters? Which Supernatural characters do you want more of in the prequel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


By Damyan Ivanov

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