La Casa De Papel star Pedro Alonso reveals his new projects, his characters and how he finds balance in his life

Far beyond representing Berlin in La casa de papel (and preparing his return to the character), Galician actor Pedro Alonso shares with us his rich spiritual philosophy, but also how he finds balance in every step he takes.

It is surprising when a guy we are used to seeing as a psychopath with destructive talent approaches with a sweet and deep look to shake hands with absolute simplicity and an inviting kindness.

time and balance
As Pedro Alonso assures us, in life it is essential to find a passion that becomes our daily driving force. But not only that, it is also important to seek balance and harmony in our personal and professional lives. Similarly, and following the example of the Galician actor , attention to detail should be an element to follow. And it is precisely in these qualities where the paths of Pedro and HUAWEI converge, since the firm, year after year, has shown us this in each of the brand new gadgets that make up its family.

Pedro Alonso has nothing to do with the roguish Berlin , from the worldwide success La casa de papel (2017-2021). “The concept of the hero has completely changed. The antiheroes are the new heroes and they are becoming more versatile. That gives the measure of the world in which we are; neither white, nor black, nor polarity suffice as an explanation”, he reflects. And it is that if there is someone multifaceted it is him.


She walks into the photo shoot for GQ and, with each costume change, she transforms. She asks for music of inspiration from “ Walk with the Devil ”, passing through the anthology of Juan Gabriel and even the hits of Umberto Tozzi. And with each song it’s like she’s stepping into a new character. She has fun and spreads her game. It seems like a mystery to be solved, especially when we ask what advice she would give to her younger self, who started making movies in 1996. “Let her learn to breathe better,” she replies.

Berlin, death and resurrection
“I try to be very careful with advice. I think it is better to invite questions, “reflects Alonso . And we realize that in addition to being an actor , he is a philosopher whose history and his concept of success are worth knowing; but also from whom we need to learn how to find balance and harmony in life, in each step that is taken: from the personal to the professional.

As a young man he went to Madrid in search of the dream of being an artist, but at the age of 30 he experienced a collapse and felt that his professional life was over. “The production system —of Spanish cinema and TV— is a meat grinder. I felt that I passed through there and became offal; I felt defeated. That led me to reset and start from another place. Breathing has been decisive, meditating, listening to my own times, living in a more integrated way. Nature has to die to sprout again, and a land has to lie fallow to become fertile again,” he explains.

Believing that his career was coming to an end, the interpreter returned to Galicia to make local programs that are a success in his land and it was this that allowed him to enter a larger series , Gran Hotel (2011-2013). “It was a great reconciliation with the profession. I enjoyed myself again and started working from another place, in every way possible”, he confesses. “ Gran Hotel was a turning point that put me in a new position of characters that has marked me for the following years, because Diego Murquía was shady, a very dangerous bicharraco”, he recalls amused.

But, although nothing prepared him for what he woke up with La casa de papel , he already saw success in another way: “No one in their right mind would have foreseen that a Spanish series, as ambitious as it was, would have brought us here. The profession is cruel and resisting is a miracle. I have seen very talented people disappear. Now that I am 50 years old, still alive professionally seems like a miracle to me. I had literally died professionally and was resurrected. But after all this time, I think we should die more often in these terms and, of course, be reborn, ”he says. “I am very grateful. Suddenly they start to return something to you from your search, sometimes confused, sometimes unlucky. I have really enjoyed the experience, I have received a lot of affection, curiously with such a disturbing character, so disturbing. It could have generated a violent hate reaction and to my bewilderment, I received tons of complicity,” he continues.


And although for him, “ Berlin is an unpresentable character in many aspects”; it is with clarity and determination how you can build an icon on the screen, because this role “is also an opportunity that we allow ourselves, a theme park of consciousness. It has wonderful paradoxes, it generates a lot of destruction and it has a sense of life that is almost tragically full, ultra-romantic, with diabolical humor, much more intelligent than we know how to be. He’s a guy who takes as much time as he wants, and in a world where most people are disassociated, Berlin is going all out. Sometimes we wish we had that determination, that romanticism or faith, or that degree of madness to ride in any direction one pleases. I think it’s a wonderful outlet that we all need, but we must not forget that it is a fictional character, and very dangerous. That’s why I was very careful, ”he describes.

Fans constantly ask Pedro how he managed to get out of a character like that. And he’s aware that there are actors who get overwhelmed by a role, but through all of his personal growth, he’s made his closure clear. In fact, he already agreed to participate in the spin-off about Berlinwhich premieres in 2023. “I put everything I can into my work processes, but I also put a lot of effort into closings. I finish one thing and hand it in. It is a way of living to find some distance. I know what they were writing, because they consulted me, and I thought about it because I finished a cycle, so do I want more of this character? Curiously, it is very good for me to return, as a form of renewal. I believe that Berlin is a narrative category, it is archetypal, material to set on fire, and I am delighted to continue investigating it, although I will start from another place. Life has shown me that when you least expect it, another new cycle comes to you”, he points out and with this the importance of attention to detail to build, deconstruct and rebuild is clear.

Meditation, reincarnation and initiation journey
Pedro Alonso learned from a very young age the importance of retiring to recharge energy, and now, more than ever, he applies it so as not to get caught up in the dark paths of fame. “Success can be a spiral that confuses you. You should be caught attentive because you don’t know where it’s going to come from, or whose energy is going to enter”, he reflects. “I know what people’s attention is worth and I try to attend to it. That is why many times I disappear to renew myself, to maintain a level of exposure as great as this. You have to take perspective. Now my privilege may be to say no, which many times you cannot do, ”he reflects.

The spiritual path for him is a vital element for that balance in his personal and professional life. His first experience was at the age of 23, when he participated in a ritual that consisted of not eating or drinking for four days, being alone in a four meter diameter circle on the mountain. That experience pushed him to read Carlos Castaneda’s books, “one after another, they went deep into me.”

He began to meditate and it was then that he visited Mexico for the first time, “because of its magic, because of the energy of the people, because of the love it has given me; It is a second home for me, I love it. I talk about Mexico and I get emotional, I always try to return as much as possible”. He was enchanted by the world of ancestral medicines, a subject on which he is doing in-depth research for a documentary in which he will visit various states of the Republic, revisiting shamanic traditions: “It is work that I have been doing with meditative paths; They seem similar paths to me, they are searches for reconnection, exercises to dismantle our patterns, to have healthier agreements. It is relearning to be more present here and now, to rehabilitate our intuitive knowledge.

Contact with nature has always been essential for Pedro and, therefore, he went to the Amazon for two months with no other room than a hut with mosquito net walls. “The night is the moment of the opera, it doesn’t give you the head to dimension everything that is there at the same time. I said: ‘it’s that if I walk in that direction, maybe I’ll die’. It shows you that life and death are in a constant struggle, incredible beauty, ”he recalls.


Like contemporary Ulysses, the artist describes these escapades as The Odyssey . “I’m going to make a trip to return home, to inhabit myself.” However, he never imagined that the deepest journey would be through a regression under the guidance of his now partner, the hypnotherapist Tatiana Djordjevic , who, a few days after meeting him, offered him the experience: “The hit was enormous. I saw the whole movie. You enter a sleep state that you are aware of, but with a very low frequency. I was able to hold out for two hours, but it was emotionally very powerful,” he writes.

Peter saw himself as a Roman soldier who knows Jesus Christ. He did two more regressions and entered a two-year process in which he wrote about his experience in El libro de Filippo (2020, Ed. Grijalbo). “I changed the names of everyone except Filippo. It can also be read as a novel about a soldier who goes to the East, meets the leader of a rebel group and changes his life, quenches his inner fire, ”he relates.

Despite this deep experience, the native of Vigo does not intend to convince of his experience: “I am not the one to tell anyone what they have to believe. I do feel that this is a small part of a flow that did not start here, nor does it end here. I do believe that I have been to other places before, and if it were true, I have to finish a job that Filippo did not do, and that has to do with communication”.

Pedro had previously written a non-fiction of more than 550 pages that he did not want to publish due to the level of exposure that resulted for him and his family, but that helped him find his own voice: “I am a kind of researcher of myself. himself, someone who gets into places where maybe people don’t feel like it”. In addition, he discovered that WhatsApp is his best narrative tool. “My colleagues laughed a lot at my messages, because they said they were soap operas. I had no exercise of style, nor of creation, I only spoke; then I discovered that there was a thread that I pulled. In fact, everything I write, I write on WhatsApp. It’s crazy,” he confesses.


Pedro ‘s creative life is full. In addition to meditating , he also paints to reconnect. “I became aware of my entire interpretive system,” he says, and right now he is awaiting the release of Awareness (Prime, 2022), a science fiction film that he describes as a “whim fulfilled, with references ranging from Blade Runner to Matrix , Terminator and ET , but with a different cooking and a song to brotherly love”.

The synchronicity of the title, of course, called Pedro to participate, because for him, “awareness” is the guide to recover intuition and contact with oneself: “More than an attempt to find the treasure, I want to rediscover the territory , redraw the map, take off my glasses to see this compulsive, anxious world, so focused on the immediate. I want to feel that my relationship with my own garden is healthier. We live in a society with a very small margin of tolerance for frustration and, sometimes, in the process of relearning, one can be tempted to give yourself a whip. It takes courage to disassemble yourself, to understand toxic patterns, often learned, often inherited, ”he shares.

Listening to him, we might think that he is a rebel. With the concept of “someone who questions himself to go further” he agrees; but, even so, he assures that the word does not define him. “I aspire more to a type of growth and healing that is good for everyone, that respects the times of each one. Balance is religion for me. Moral paradigms are a confusing reference, a rigid prison that makes you live in fear and, moreover, time proves them wrong. I believe more in energetic paradigms. If they give you health you are on the right track, and in that scenario, you have to look at everyone as if they were an equal, be it the king of England or the person who cleans the garbage. The important thing is inspiration as an exercise and as a journey of reconciliationwith that source of wonder, which can be the fact of being alive”, he shares.

This is how Pedro Alonso shows us that to meet and meet again, to find balance in life , it is important to take each step with determination, approach each project clearly and pay the necessary attention to every detail, no matter how small. ; all this without neglecting the fact of following personal passions, since it is from them that we can reconstruct ourselves and give meaning to our past, present and future.


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My name is Damyan Ivanov and i was born in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria. Graduated high school in 2016 and since then i'm working on wordpress news websites.

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My name is Damyan Ivanov and i was born in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria. Graduated high school in 2016 and since then i'm working on wordpress news websites.