Hope Mikaelson will be getting reacquainted with one of her human pals when Legacies returns for Season 3 in 2021.

Leo Howard, who appeared in three episodes of the CW drama’s second season as Sheriff Mac’s son Ethan, has been promoted to series regular ahead of Season 3, TVLine has confirmed.

We first met Ethan, a student at Mystic Falls High School, at the top of Legacies‘ sophomore season when Hope attempted to blend in as a regular teenager. (Spoiler alert: the experiment was short-lived.) We were also introduced to Ethan’s sister Maya, played by The Fosters‘ Bianca Santos, as well as their mother — the new town sheriff — played by Dawson’s Creek‘s Bianca Kajlich.

Howard’s pre-Legacies credits include roles on shows like Shake It Up, Kickin’ It, Santa Clarita Diet and Why Women Kill. His promotion was first reported by our sister site Deadline.

Legacies‘ second season, which was cut short as a result of the coronavirus pandemic’s industry-wide shutdown, ended with Hope and Landon trapped in a dream-like state; Hope had just infiltrated Josie’s mind in order to free her from her dark impulses.

Source: tvline.com