With only two episodes left in Legacies’ third season, EW spoke with executive producer Brett Matthews about what to expect from the episodes – aside from the space stuff, of course.

Below, check out four teases about what’s to come for the students of the Salvatore School:

The return of MG: The last episode saw Ric invite MG back to the Salvatore School, but that doesn’t mean the young vampire is done using his powers for good. “He wants to come back to his family but he wants to keep continuing on this journey that he’s on,” says Matthews. “MG’s story is one of somebody’s growing confidence in their own moral center. He is a person who is coming to know what he stands for. He wants to be back with his friends but he also wants to do good with those friends and begin pondering, ‘Isn’t that the mission of this school and what lies beyond?’ MG’s always had that heart. I think that’s where his deep love of comic books comes from, he responds to those morality tales. He responds to the inherent goodness of superheroes. His vampirism, which is generally seen as a negative and an obstacle, actually makes him the closest thing this world has to somebody, so can he use those abilities for good?”

Cleo and Landon hit the road: Matthews says we’ll get to see a bit of what Cleo and Landon are up to following their decision to partner up and try to kill Malivore. “They’re two people who have left the school behind who have the same mission, which is they want to destroy Malivore, as everybody does,” says Matthews. “They’re very disparate people who have this complicated past. It’s two characters who know each other deeply but don’t really know each other and the exploration of that. Is a mutual goal enough to unite them together and is it something that they can achieve together?”

The prophecy: As always, there’s a sphinx prophecy hanging over the series, and though it won’t be referenced directly in these final episodes, Matthews says it plays a part. “If you’re looking at what the sphinx said in the macro, I’d argue it’s the question of the first three seasons,” says Matthews. “He told what is the story of the three seasons and is it fated to end this way or, as our characters so often do, is there something they can do to overcome it? That question lies at the heart of these first three seasons for sure.”

The finale: Although the season was written with episode 20 as the finale, episode 16 will air as the season 3 finale with Legacies set to return in the fall. But that doesn’t mean the season will be without a shocking ending. “Episode16 ends on a jackhammer of a cliffhanger,” says Matthews. “If [the finale] couldn’t be episode 20, I’m glad it’s episode 16.”

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Source: ew.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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